Ray and I Paddle Down From Monte Rio and a Day Off the Van Project

Wednesday August 24, 2016 Monte Rio CA.

Stiff breeze blows up the river

Ray was going to meet me at Monte Rio for a paddle, but I arrived first and put my boat in the water. I could see a couple guys fishing so I paddled on over to see how the fishing was. It turned out to be Jessie a blog reader. He was catching small mouth bass I believe and caught one as I watched and released it.jessie


Eventually, I saw Ray pull in at the ramp, so I left Jessie fishing away.

I had paddled over across the river from the ramp and Ray joined me there once he got it going.

Paddling down the river

We had already decided to head on down stream, so off we went at a slow pace. The wind was up a bit to a stiff breeze blowing up the river against us, but it wasn’t too bad.

I saw this green heron fly into the bushes just ahead of us.greeny


And we went past this great blue heron taking it easy.heron


We paddled along here.rio


And were headed to the Villa Grande Hole, just up ahead.villa


Villa Grande hole

We hung around the Villa hole for quite a spell just taking it easy enjoying the day and decided to go down the river a little further so we started off.

We didn’t get far and with the wind blowing a little Ray said this is far enough so we turned and headed slowly backup the river letting the wind mostly push us along.

We turned around just below here.villa2


We were letting the wind carry us up the river moving right along.upriver


I stopped for a bit in this green weed when this green heron landed right next to me and started fishing.green2


We were just a ways below Monte Rio here, slowly moving up the river.upriv


This female mallard duck swam over near me as we drifted by.ducky


And we went by this female merganser duck with the cormorant drying it’s wings.merganser


We were paddling along here when about forty canoes and kayaks came paddling down the river. We pulled over and watched the entertainment of a bunch of school kids going by.ray


We made it back to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

A day off from the van project

A nap was in order. I decided to take the day off from working on the van project and just puttered around and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Strawberries instead

I sorta had strawberries on my mind so I walked over to my brothers strawberry patch going over this creek that has dried up for the summer. No beaver, no water, simple as that. :O) creek

Also means no fish either.

I found the strawberry patch and ate my fill and then headed on home for the rest of the day.berrypatch


Nice day.

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Varoom, Varrrroooommmmm, Chevy V8 350 Engine Start Day

Wednesday August 23, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Things don’t always work

At first I thought today might be the day to get the new engine started, but then things didn’t work.

I filled the radiator with plain water until I find all the leaks and get it all buttoned up. As it was I had a leak. One of the heater hoses going to the water pump wasn’t tight enough and was dripping. I thought it might be the water pump at first, but closer inspection finally showed the hose was leaking.

Hooked up the battery

That done, I had no  more reasons not to try and start the engine so I hooked up the battery.

I turned the key on and the service engine light should have lite up, but didn’t. That shows the computer that controls the injectors wasn’t working which also meant no gas was going to this engine until I got that light to light up, which I really had not much of an idea of what to do.

The key would crank the engine, but without gas, it wasn’t going to start.

Changing caps

So, I put the electrical cap on and got out the manual and spent some time figuring out what things were.

The tools for the figuring out the electrical stuff.DSC01789


Visitors show up

It wasn’t long before Charlie came by to get some bamboo for his garden. He said his tomato plants were getting huge and needed some support. We shot the bull for a good while before I could get back to the manuals.

It wasn’t long before Mike and Barry came by, a couple of my brothers, so we shot the bull for a good while. Eventually, they raided the peach trees and left, so I got back at it.

The computer needs power

I was pretty sure no power was getting to the computer, but to check that, I had to figure out the big multi-wired plugs that went into the computer so that took some time. When I finally got most of that figured out and measured some wires, sure enough, no power was getting to the computer, but why and where was it hooked up, as all those wires just went into a bit wire harness.

Some more reading and I was suspecting there was something wrong with the power going to the fuses at the fuel relay. After more measuring and much scratching of my head, I realized I had reversed the two connectors that went to the two fuses there. I reconnected those connectors and turned the key on and now I had a light.

No more excuses

I  got my old timing light out and hooked it up as I knew I’d have to set the timing once I got the engine running a little. I got some putts right away, but had to move the distributor quite a ways before it started to smooth out, so I know I have to move the distributor one tooth. But turning it as far as I could, I got it running fairly good.DSC01792


It still needs some work on the timing before  I can really start running it, but I’ll get to that.


A couple times, while reaching back to adjust the distributor, I accidentally stabbed the gas peddle, and yes, the engine goes VAARRRRROOOOOOOMMMMMM. :O) Especially since it has no mufflers yet.

I was hoping to get the van to the muffler shop this week, but realistically, I need to tinker with things a bit to make sure it’s all working ok.

Nice day.

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