Welding Up My Metal Rack and Helping the Neighbor With His Injector Problem

Saturday July 13, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Metal rack construction

I was back at it today, working on the  metal rack. I had all the metal pipes cut for the shelves and prepped, so I set things up to work.rack

I carefully tacked all the shelf pipes on to get them all as straight as possible.rack2

Neighbor’s diesel problem

I was sitting there taking a break when the neighbor came by to talk about the injector problem.

I went back to his place to help him with trying to fix the problem for a couple hours, But it seems he has something wrong with how he assembled the injection pump which I haven’t been able to figure out yet, what he did wrong.

Eventually, I said to him to keep taking just one unit apart and putting it back together until it works right in a vice where he can test it and I went back home to get some more work done on my stuff.


I welded all the shelf pipes in and added a couple  more things for  more short shelves for the short pieces of metal I’ll be putting on the rack.rack3

I was able to get most of the rack done. Just a few more small things to do and it will be finished and ready to install. Rack is laying on it’s side for welding.rack4


I got done about sunset which looked like this as the sun went behind the mountains to my west.sunset

Nice day.

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Metal Rack Work, Neighbor’s Diesel Problem and a Power Outage.

Friday July 12, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Metal rack work

I worked on this project for a couple hours today. I cut the rest of the pipe shelves and ground them down a bit to  make them smooth and remove some rust to make them easier to weld.racl1

I cut the last little pipes for the shelves.cut2

Neighbor’s diesel problem

My neighbor came over with his parts to show me what he found when he got the stuff apart. Seems a small spring was missing on the throttle linkage and is now likely down in the engine crankcase.

I also talked to him about how to test the fuel injection pump and the throttle linkage in a vice. This way one can test the unit to  make sure it’s all working right before trying it in the machine again as when the parts are in the machine, it’s hard to see what is going on.

I hadn’t realized the little spring might be in the crankcase yet, so in the evening I walked over to the neighbor’s place to see if I could find the little spring as it would of fallen out when he took off the cover the throttle linkage was in when he removed it. I looked but no spring and it looked like it might have gone down a hole that went into the crankcase where all the oil was, so he’ll have to get a new spring.

Headed home

Heading back to my place, I crossed this little creek.creek3

I noticed his horse was standing over by the teepee.horse4

Looks like a nice horse, I wonder if I can ride it.horsey5

Looks like I could ride it, but not go very far.legs6

As I passed by the teepee, I thought I saw someone inside so I had a look.teepee7

I didn’t expect to find this Indian maiden in there. I guess I should of knocked.maiden8

Power out

About an hour before dark, I was in the house when I heard a big bang outside and all the power in the house went out.

I could see this red light flashing on this pole from my window. That was new, I’d never seen it before. This is the pole that the big fuse just blew out on that made the big bang.power9

Eventually, the power guy showed up and after he came down from the pole I asked about the new red light. He said it was a new thing to help them find the bad stuff faster and said the power is out past this pole but the rest of the line would come back on in a  minute as soon as he called the main office. Fortunately, I’m on the part that came back on.

Nice day.

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