Rocks To the Pond To Protect the Mosquito Fish

Saturday April 13, 2024 Guerneville CA.


My friend Marty was coming by today. While I was waiting for him to show up, I split this wood up and got it all stacked along the side of this shed.wood

Marty showed up so we sat around for awhile shooting the bull and catching up on stuff.

Forest ride

It was rain showers today off and on. We piled in Hondo and headed for the hills as I  had a few rocks to move.

But first we drove on up to our overlook area at the top of the hill. It was raining lightly so the view looked like this.view2

Marty checks something out on Hondo at the top.skiddy3

Rock slide area

We rode around for a bit then headed to the rock slide area to pick up a few big rocks. I loaded up while Marty watched. He’s taking a small stick out from under the rig.rock4


I was taking the rock to my small pond. We went the long way and stopped at this overlook for a bit to check it out. It’s still raining lightly.rain6

With it raining lightly, we sat in Hondo to keep dry.view5

From there, it wasn’t fair to the little pond where I wanted to used the rocks.pond

I unloaded the rocks on the edge of the pond to provide cover for the mosquito fish I’m going to put in there. This will provide cover for them. They eat mosquito larva which the pond was full of last year. My cousin  has some of the fish at her place in her little fish pool.rocks8

By this time, the rain had picked up some more, so we  headed for my house taking the long way.

Nice day.

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Tax Day, Shopping and a Steel Welding Table

Friday, April 12, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Taking care of taxes day

That’s what I had to do. Go see the tax guy and sign stuff off, so off I went about noon.

That was fairly painless as I’d already paid too much and would get some back.

Some Shopping

As long as that was done, I went over to Home Depot and did some shopping for projects. And that also went well as I found what I wanted and got out of there and headed on home.

On the way, I went by a friends place for a visit but no one was home, so i continued on home. Too bad as I wanted to talk to  him about the best place to get some new steel for making and welding stuff.

Back home

My bother came by and wanted to know if I was interested in buying a steel welding table he’d seen on the internet. He said it was a good one for a good price, which was good enough for me and he’d haul it home for me on his trailer.

I don’t have a place to put it so it will have to stay outside, but it’s way better than what I’ve got. Tom tried to get in touch with the guy but he wasn’t available so that’s on hold.

Time for a nap.

Nice day.

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