The GMO Corn Problem or Just the Corn Problem?

What I’m going to try to do here is explain the corn problem of which GMO’s is just a part of. I’m not going to address the GMO problem as I  don’t nor does anyone else have enough information on that subject.

Let’s start with how corn goes to market. If it is corn that is to be eaten, as corn, then it goes to market in a way that it can be tracked. They know where the corn comes from and what happens to it as it’s processed for consumption as corn, fresh, canned or frozen.

However, if corn is to be used for animal feed or made into another corn product, things are much different and here is where the big problem is and likely why manufacturers don’t want to list GMO on labels, as most everything would have GMO on it.

All this other corn is collected and piled together in warehouses and grain elevators and all kinds of things until they are full, then what is left is usually piled out on the ground, while it waits for shipment to somewhere that uses it. We are not eating this corn directly, so a little dirt won’t hurt it as it will be processed into something else.

Now, all the corn is put into these big storage areas, both non GMO and GMO and no one knows what is what any more. The GMO corn and the non GMO corn is all mixed together and can not be sorted out again, so everything is now GMO corn.

Now take this corn and process it into thousands of corn derived products that have names without the corn name in them and no one can possibly know where the GMO corn is, but you can assume it’s everywhere that these corn products are used.

You really have to work hard to know what the names of these derived corn products are, there are many different names for things made from corn, that aren’t listed as a corn product.

Let’s see, dare I list a few. White vinegar, dextrose, acetic acid, added to a lot of things, like canned fruits and veggies and oils and a lot of other stuff too,  absorbic acid, vitamin C, citric acid, Sorbitol in tooth paste, corn alcohol, used in extracts, such as vanilla, corn starch, used in icings and cakes and medicines and many other processed foods, waxes made out of corn to wax fruit, such as apples, or veggies Lots of the stuff that makes up todays ice cream, such as di-glycerides, corn starch, corn syrup. The list is huge, I’ve barely scratched it. Oh and I forgot to mention most of your drinkable alcohol stuff has corn too.

Some of these items can be made from other things, but since corn is subsidized by the US government, it is the cheapest, so corn is used most often in favor of the more expensive stuff. For instance, citric acid can be made from citrus fruit, but it is cheaper to make it from corn, so that is what is most often used.

If an ingredient is listed as vegetable oil and not vegetable oil ( soy, sun flower or something), it is likely corn oil.

Here’s a little more deception. Invert sugar can be from corn. Natural sugar can be from corn. How can anyone know what they are really eating?

Corn is a very versatile, fine product that has many uses and is used widely and effectively in many products. It’s great stuff, unless your body is allergic to the stuff, then you are in big trouble, indeed.

Once you are allergic to corn and all it’s products, you are in big trouble, indeed again.

Why are you in such big trouble? Seems like you should be able to stay away from corn products, right,……………..wrong.

Here is the rub. Corn products can be used in products and not listed as corn, or it can be used in the processing of food products and doesn’t have to be listed as an ingredient. Or it can be used in a sub group, such as fruit concentrate, which may have acidic acid, made from corn, but is now only listed as a concentrate in the finished product. No mention of the corn based ingredients, which you’d need to know about to avoid corn. There are many, many instances of this type of deception in the ingredients labels on products.

I think I could go on and on, on this, but as you can see, corn is in most everything and so are the GMO’s.

If you really wanted to rid GMO’s out of your system, You would have to start with your medicines, your toiletries and all that you consume. It would not be an easy task and may indeed not even be possible.

Since I am allergic to corn and corn products,……….. by default, I’m also trying to get rid of the GMO’s too, only because of the corn though. I can’t waste my time on the GMO’s when I have such a corn problem. My corn problem may or may not be caused by the GMO corn, but the only thing I can know for sure is I’m allergic to corn, so that’s what I have to work on.

I think it’s fairly easy to reduce your GMO intake, but to completely get it out of your system would be and is very hard to do in this day and age. You can’t just buy products that don’t’ have the word corn in the ingredients list, just doesn’t work. And I doubt it’s effective to just reduce your GMO intake to reduce the GMO problem, if there is one, as you’ll still get a huge mix of GMO stuff, no mater if you eat just a little, because of the mix in the pile of corn.