Putting New Tires On My Dirt Bike

Sunday November 5, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining lightly when I got it going today, so what to do?

New tires for the dirt bike

I’ve e had new tires for the dirt bike for about a month or so. I put off installing them  as my bad back was giving me a bad time but now it’s a bit better so today was the day.

Tire tools

But first I  had to find the special tire changing tools. I looked where they should have been more than once and couldn’t find them. I didn’t give up and finally found them in a cardboard box I was going to get rid of eventually, so I now had no excuses not to do them.

Guy on YouTube

About a month ago I was checking out YouTube for how to change these kinds of tires as I haven’t done one of them in years. One guy I watched was really good at it so I saved the address to his video but I had to remember where I put that and finally found it.

I watched it several times and also watched the part I worked on for each step just before I started each step and things went pretty good doing it that way.


Let’s get to it

Now that I had all the tools and the video knowledge I jacked up the bike and took the front tire off as that one was supposed to be the easiest one to do and it was.bike1


All I had to do was get the old front tire off the rim and put the new one on. It did go pretty easy especially watching the guy on YouTube do it first.tire2


Back tire

I put the new front tire back on the bike and took off the back tire. It was supposed to be the harder one to do and it was, but I got it with a bit of effort.whelloff3


I got the old back tire off without much trouble.backtire4


But getting the new back tire on was a bit more of a problem as the rubber is a bit thicker than the front tire, but I got it with a bit of persistence.rire5


Test drive

It started to rain some more just as I got the new back tire on the bike. I got the wheel with the new tire all adjusted and needed to go test it out with a ride, but it was too wet to go far, so I just rode it around the yard a bit.

Clunky sound

There was a clunky sound from the back tire area that took me a bit of time to figure out what was wrong. After a few test rides I determined the tire was hitting the chain once in awhile causing that noise which wasn’t good. I put the bike back up on the jack stand and started the bike and watched the back tire go around. Seems the tire was a bit out of round for some reason which was causing the problem.

The spokes needed to be adjusted but that’s not an easy task and I was too beat to attempt that anyway.

Re-adjust it

I was really too beat to do that too, but it needed to be done so I adjusted the side of the tire away from the chain to hopefully miss the chain and took the bike for another test drive around the yard.

The clunk was gone. I’ll have to give it a good test drive up in the hills soon to really test it out. I only have a little adjustment left so I hope it’s good enough to work ok, otherwise I’ll need to get the wheel aligned to true it up.

Good to have that task done.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Putting New Tires On My Dirt Bike

  1. Judith says:

    Argh. Sounds like you are on the best side of that job.

  2. Barb says:

    When it’s a job like that you did what I would do. Buy the parts and wait for the mood to strike. I’m working myself up to using up some eggs with homemade lemon curd and an angel food cake. The cake takes 12 egg whites so you have to find something to use the egg yolks for. They might go good together. Maybe tomorrow :o)

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