Corn Intolerance or Allergic? What does it Matter?

Sept. 2012

What’s this corn thing doing on my blog?

Added new page: How I do my elimination diet December 2017

Important note added Sept. 2015 down below

I seemed to have picked up this corn intolerance or allergic thing a while back, likely about ten years ago. I didn’t know I had a problem until about four years ago. I developed an itch in the crotch, I know, sounds great, which I asked my Doc about. There was no rash, just a severe itch. He gave me some cortisone type cream that was useless and only seemed to make it worse. Now, that itch was so bad, it sorta hid the fact that my whole body itched, but the crotch was the worse, if you started to itch it, it was hard to stop until you hurt. Even knowing this it’s hard to stop. Eventually, I realized that my whole body itched. Places I noticed the greatest itch was the crotch, the tops of my feet, ankles and chins and forearms and my back and inside my ears too. I’m also starting to get a greater itch in my chest, as I’ve been working on getting rid of corn.

Well, I knew from keeping honey bees and getting stung too many times, because I had developed an allergy to their stings and know one of the reactions was a severe body itch that felt so good when you itched it. This was a clue that I must be allergic to something.

I changed lots of things, clothes, soaps, bedding to no avail

I started with the easy things, I got new different bedding, new clothes, new towels, new soaps and that didn’t help at all.

So, it must be a food that I’m allergic to?

But what, where do I start. I decided to eliminate dairy products and gluten products for a start, mostly because these things would be easy to eliminate. But, I needed something to replace all the bread I wouldn’t be able to eat, so I bought a big stack of corn tortillas which I would eat like the Mexican people. I’d eat four or five with my meals and sometimes use them for a snack.

That was a big mistake, things just got worse.

Well, that didn’t go well at all. After a few days, I started to get worse. In addition, the roof of my mouth felt like I burned it with something and my forearms felt really tired and lethargic. I went back to my regular diet and at least things got a little better, meaning I still itched all over, but my mouth roof burning sensation stopped and the forearm pain went away. I still didn’t realize it was the corn yet. I was stumped and thought about it a while and finally realized maybe it’s the corn?

Was it the corn causing me these problems?

It seemed to be the corn, when I ate corn things my itch got worse for a while. How can I know for sure? I was going on three years with this problem by now. I looked at my packaging ingredients and eliminated all the stuff that said corn and I mostly got a little less itch, but it wouldn’t go away and I’d get a more increased itch and check ingredients on the stuff I was eating and eliminated them, if I could detect something that was derived from corn. As I got rid of some of this stuff, I seemed to able to tell when I ate something that got me, so I got better at looking for ingredients. I found that corn starch is in almost everything and corn syrup too, but that was only the beginning. Those things where fairly easy to get rid as a lot of times they are actually marked in the ingredients on the package. But, I’m still getting corned, so what else?

What, Best Foods Mayonnaise has corn in it?

The ingredients in Best Foods Mayonnaise say eggs, canola oil, I think and vinegar and I think salt. Ha, ha, what is the vinegar made from. Seems you have wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, white or distilled white vinegar, as far as vinegars go and rice vinegar too. The white can be made out of many things, but it’s usually made from corn. the distilled comes form distilling petroleum, I think, but not sure on that?

So, I went to the Best Foods web site and looked up ingredients of vinegar. Damn. This is bad. It said that they use the finest corn available to make their vinegar. Damn again. So many things people make with mayo. That just kicked out most of the condiments and salad dressing available or made by people at home,……… shoot, I’m screwed, is what I was thinking. This also meant that most of the processed foods that use vinegar are likely to be made from corn. Not good.

So, I got rid of the vinegar things, but still?

I was still having reactions and this is about a year into trying to eliminate corn stuff. Time to do some more searching on the internet as I’m running out of ideas. Ugh. I found that xanthan gum is derived from corn and acidic acid and citric acid and a whole bunch of other things. You needed to be a rocket scientist to know all this stuff. Corn products are in almost everything and it’s not listed as corn on the ingredients, how can this be? Can’t eat any ice cream, unless I make it myself carefully selecting the ingredients and that isn’t easy to be corn free. Why aren’t corn things listed? This seems like an insane thing. Peanuts are and even if they just processed in the same building it’s listed. The allergic reactions to corn can be the same as what people get with peanuts, so why isn’t it listed? The are eight things that must be listed if they are in a product, but things derived from corn are not.

I’ve stopped eating most things by now.

I’ve gotten a lot of corn derived things out of my system, but not all. I think I am very close at the time of this writing. It’s been four years since I got the first itch. One of the problems is if one gets corned it can take a couple of weeks to get it out of your system, so it takes a lot of time to try to track this.

I ate an ear of corn to test.

I decided to eat an ear of fresh corn to see what would happen, maybe all I needed was some real corn? :O) I ate it, it tasted so good.  didn’t have a reaction until about eight hours later. After that, about four days of severe itching, so it really does look like it’s corn.

I can’t be sure?

I was about ninety percent sure I had a corn problem, but until I get rid of this itch, I can’t be one hundred percent sure it is corn. About a month ago when I found corn was in so many other ingredients, I added three more percent for ninety-three percent, but that other seven percent is illusive. Until I can get rid of the itch, which would mean getting whatever it is out of my system, I can’t be one hundred percent sure it is corn. If I can get rid of the itch then I can try a product to see if it gives me a reaction, one at a time. Right now, there isn’t really a one at a time test, because I haven’t got it out of my system so I don’t really know how many times it’s getting into my system.

Added September 2015: Important information about corn detection in food

Here’s the real problem of detecting what has corn in it that is getting you. If I eat something with corn in it, it takes about nine hours or so for the real itch to start, sometimes less. And every time I eat something even without corn, in nine hours or so, the itch gets worse again and this lasts for about two weeks or so. The intense part lasts for about four days each time you consume some corny stuff and will be intense each time you eat something even if you don’t consume anything corny in that period.

In other words once you’ve been hit, every time you eat corn stuff or not, it’s going to get you for about two weeks or so, every time you eat, even if you don’t eat any corn. And if you eat some more food with corn, it’s still going to be two weeks or so of itching every time you eat some more food. And each time you consume something corny, it’s going to be intense for about four days or so.

Can you see that it’s going to be hard to detect what has corn in it. Lots of things are going to get blamed for having corn that may not. I think this is one of the things that makes this thing so hard to figure out. I’ve been trying to rid corn out of my diet for about five years now and haven’t succeeded yet. I’ve been close for a few days, but I’m still working on it.

Update: January 2016

I was working  on getting the corn out of my system when last month, things got worse. I think they got worse because as I was getting corn foods out of my system, I had to eat more and more of the little foods that I trusted and some of them have corn stuff in them, so I ended up eating more of the bad stuff as I was trying to get away from the corn stuff.

In addition to the already  body itches which are the worst in the crotch area, that has expanded to my full pubic area. The intense itching has also moved into my chest and shoulders and back with some minor hives. I now have a rash on both sides of my pubic area that may be hives? The rash is mostly most intense when I eat something with corn in it. In addition to all that, I also have pins and needles in my forearms and legs and chest, shoulders and back which is most intense after I ingest some corny stuff.

My most trusted stuff has some corn stuff in it. The most trusted olive oil from Costco proved to be one of my undoing’s as I trusted it and used it everywhere I needed some oil, a bad mistake.

I now don’t use any olive oil, but am trying peanut oil and grape seed oil very sparingly as I don’t trust any oils anymore as they are too easy to get some corn stuff in them and each time you have to buy another bottle, it’s taking a big chance. Olive oil has too great a chance to get some corn in it as it’s tempting to cheat by adding some corn oil to the batch.

I think I also discovered the beans I’ve been eating may also be bad for me as I seem to be getting a reaction from them, so I may also be allergic to them. When you are allergic to one thing, it’s easy to be allergic to some other things.

My plan right now is to see an allergist to see if I’m allergic to anything else, even though I  don’t have much confidence that an allergist can help me out much.

Even the tooth paste had to go.

Sorbitol is in tooth paste and is derived from corn, so I dumped them and went to using baking soda, which seems to help prevent that burning mouth thing. There are also other corn things in the store bought tooth pastes. After awhile I got some Squiggle tooth paste which seems to be working better than the backing soda.

Update on toothpaste July 2019

I quit using all tooth pastes about two years ago and started to just use a tooth brush and my own spit. As it turns out that was a good decision. I now have tooth brushes in several different spots including my cars and computer desk and just pick up a brush and start brushing away. In a short time my mouth is full of saliva and I brush away and that’s it. This means I brush more often and am not using any harsh or corned chemicals in my mouth any more. My last dental visit the dentist complimented me on my improved teeth since I first started seeing her. No paste works just fine, just brush more.

Dr. Fresh Floss picks

I also use Dr. Fresh floss picks which are doing a good job also. I highly recommend them. I don’t floss either but use the picks when off and on as needed.

Some good resources:

23 Responses to Corn Intolerance or Allergic? What does it Matter?

  1. Laura B. says:

    This is an interesting post. I don’t know the difference, particularly, between strictly an “allergy”, a “sensitivity” or an “intolerance” to a food (corn, in my case). I just know that I have experienced a very similar kind of itching after eating some foods that, I suspect, contain minute amounts of some corn-derived ingredient. Sometimes I feel aching in my joints and/or a strange heaviness in my legs. Sometimes, I get “restless legs” when I try to relax for sleep at night. I have, a few times, experienced a red, almost blistered, rash on my face, arms, neck chest, sometimes even the legs. The backs of my hands and arms are the site for rashes I’ve had. They seem to last a long time before finally dissipating. (“Long time”, as in several days or even weeks.)

    I seem to react in a smilar way when I eat the “meat” of animals that are generally corn-fed. (Turkey and chicken are pretty bad; turkey being the worst.) I can, however, eat eggs and some (usually only “cultured) dairy foods. I read labels and look for all the additives, flavorings, sweeteners and so on. It’s hard to avoid most “corn” ingredients. but the more I do (avoid them), the better I feel and the longer I feel “better”!

  2. Diane H says:

    Hi Bob:

    This is my own journey in discovering my allergy to corn — perhaps the worst allergy known to mankind since corn is ubiquitous and is exempt from FDA labeling requirements.

    Corn Allergy: A Potentially Life-Threatening Diagnosis

    I recently discovered why I was reacting to most fresh food products (even organic):



  3. susan waller says:

    Hi Bob, thanks for the blog. I too have experienced the same systemic response to corn. I itched for years as well as other awful symptoms. My medications were and still are the hardest because corn is cheap and used for binding and/or suspension. Although it is in my medical chart and noted at the pharmacy I have to double check the inactive ingredients.
    This next thing is remarkable but has made a huge difference in my life and health. My leaky gut symptoms have improved tremendously and the inflammation in my body and joints has stopped. The inflammation has actually reversed, the popping in my knees and hips was gone very quickly but it has taken a year for the joints in my fingers to return to normal. In addition to no longer waking up at night with what felt like panic attacks. What is it? I eradicated all night shades from my diet in addition to not eating corn.
    I normally don’t take the time to respond to these discussions but my hope is that it may help someone else in their quest to find answers.
    Good Luck and know you’re not alone.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Susan,
      I’m certainly glad you took the time to post this. I’ve suspected the night shades but………….. I have such a small list of stuff I can eat to stay alive and my safe go to food has been potatoes and beans and whole onions when all else fails and I do much better but have never been able to get away from the itches completely. The best I’ve done is when I had lots of eggs and chickens to eat about a year ago which meant I was eating less potatoes. But it takes a lot of chickens to get enough eggs and meat for a whole year which I’m learning. I thought I could get by with a dozen chickens but I was wrong as they all don’t lay all year and eating them means they don’t lay eggs. I’m up to about 50 chickens now, but even that doesn’t always supply me with their goodies as it takes time for them to grow up and produce eggs and meat. Inputs like yours gives me more stuff to think about and try as I work through this. There’s really no doctor help which means I have to be my own doctor and learn the hard way. I get into most of my trouble trying to add more foods to my very limited diet. Thanks again and I’ll be working on getting the night shades out of my diet when I can. Bob

  4. Lois Avci says:

    OMG, I made the same mistake. I used to get allergic symptoms (mostly losing my voice, asthma) whenever I ate bread or drank beer. I thought “oh, wheat and barley, must be the gluten” and started avoiding wheat. Switched to gluten-free cookies (full of cornstarch), corn tortillas, etc. Finally got so sick I went to the allergist and got tested: my allergens are corn and yeast.

    Here is a website that is useful for cooking without corn and other allergens:

  5. Cynthia says:

    Back with an update. After years of suspected food allergies – then – believing I had Ringworm – was so hard to get rid of – WELL – went to a Naturalpathic Doc. “Apple Cider Vinegar” on my skin – gone in five days. My eye’s – terrible, bloodshot, pain. Skin breaking out again. Next stop – Corneal Specialist. He looks at my eyes, my skin – Yep – he says – you have a “STAPH” infection ! Antibiotic eye drops, Apple Cider Vinegar – all gone ! And I can eat “Any Bloomin thing I want” No Food Allergies Maybe some foods affected the Staph and made it grow? Were did I get it ? Barnyard, Chicken coop, the Marsh, the Gardens ? Who knows! Yahoooo – E ! All gone !
    Best Wishes and Healing to All,

  6. Cynthia says:

    Good Evening Bob,
    for physio scan
    I went to Functional Health 2499 West High Street Jackson Michigan 49203
    Dr. Todd Robertson
    If he is not in your area, he may be able to guide you to a doctor in your area who does physio scan.
    A good book to heal leaky gut syndrome is called
    “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”
    by Elaine Gottschall
    Best wishes, Cynthia

  7. Cynthia says:

    Morning Bob,
    Just read your journey. It is identical to mine, exact symptoms, thoughts of corn allergy, elimination diet, etc. In addition, it affects my eyelids and eyes, around my nose, in my nostrils. Mine started August 2014. My 93 year old Father, God love him, says I have Ringworm. Bingo! Thrives in warm moist places, jock itch, athletes foot, it’s all one in the same “ringworm”. Sugar, starchy foods and vinegar feed the ringworm. Almost all gone, just a few bumps left. I do a strict diet, take Garden of Life fungal defense tablets, on my third bottle – found online. Take homeopathic Sepia 30c. and spray rash with Source Naturals ultra colloidal silver nasal spray. Occasionally take a drop (twice daily) in water a mixture of olive oil with wild oregano oil from Solaray, careful, strong stuff, burns. Wash clothes, sheets, pillow cases daily. I also take herbs, olive leaf for immunity and anti fungal herbs. Best to rotate treatments, this ringworm is a fighter! I thought all ringworm was a round ring shape, it can also form as a rash. Don’t know if this is you ? If not, I do wish you success. Cynthia

    • Bob says:

      Hi Cynthia, I didn’t know ringworm could do that. But I don’t think mine is ring worm as last time I was at the doc and different colors of red all over they took samples from my legs, biopsies. Ouch that sure hurt as they cut deep. Anyway the samples all came back not showing anything. My rashes and itches get worse when I get hit by something corny. I think the worst part of this is doctors are lousy at taking care of this stuff and even knowing much about it. I did find the leaky gut things at least made some sense to why my body was behaving as it does when there was nothing else to indicate what the problem might be. The western type docs just try to treat the symptoms and have no idea what is the cause and just try to pin it on an overactive immune system which is of no help. I tell them my immune system is working as it should letting me know that it doesn’t like the corn I’ve been feeding it. The real problem is there is corn stuff in almost all our food and I haven’t been able to get entirely away from it so my immune system reacts to the cause. Of course they are too hard headed to buy that.
      I’ve found that we all need to be our own doctors in this day and age to try and get to the root of a problem. Doctors are better at dishing out strong meds treating symptoms rather than discovering the real problems.
      Thanks for the comment and I hope your medical problem cures up for you,

      • Cynthia says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with your reply on absolutely all accounts, from what’s happened to our food supply and our doctors. they know if they cure us they’re out of additional income. Back in 2000 I was beside myself 17 doctors 3er clinics and two hospitals, no help. stumbled upon a 30 year old who did bio terrain analysis through saliva samples and urine spec, he saved my life. I had systemic candida and I was a bag of bones. He now does physio scan. I should have traveled to see him with this whole ringworm thing. Try to find a doctor that does physio scan, it’s amazing they sit you in front of a computer put headphones on your ears and you can watch for 15 to 20 minutes it’s scanning your entire body from head to toe, through your brain waves. Doc reads the data, and tells you everything that’s going on inside your body. Mine was all for only a $55 fee. I visited doc once a year for 12 years, he was always right spot on. He also Advocates going online to the Weston A price foundation for nutritional info. A Happy, Healthy New Year to you Bob. Best regards Cynthia

  8. Jam says:

    I’m a physician with coeliac and also corn intolerance. The reason you can’t get red of your itch is because it’s not just corn you’re sensitive to. It’s gluten also. The protein in wheat that causes coeliac is gliadin. Corn contains zein which cross-reacts with gluten. Oats contain avenin – same thing. Millet, buckwheat, rye, barley, etc all have their own “prolamine” which crossreacts with gluten. The more sensitive you are, the more grains you cannot tolerate

  9. Fiona says:

    Not that difficult to avoid corn. Eat whole, fresh foods so you know exactly what is going in your mouth. Translation: Avoid processed food which is a good thing to do anyway. Corn and it’s derivatives make my eyes itch and now triggers my angioedema (it never did before) which previously was only triggered by wheat. Also, research and treat yourself for “leaky gut”…too many things are getting through undigested and triggering immune reactions. It seems like these things come on “out of the blue” but they have been building for years. In the beginning you say you “picked up” the corn allergy…well it’s not contagious, you developed it. Same here.

    • Bob Noble says:

      I understand your point about, picked up and I agree with it’s been building for years. Picked up was just a poor choice of words. Mine started back in the late nineties and it’s been slowly getting worst, with hives and angioedema kicked in now too. I’ve been actively trying to eliminate corn stuff from my diet. As I got better at it, my symptoms have only been getting worse. I’m down to only a few foods and I’m still getting hit which makes me wonder if I’m not allergic to something else or something else is going on?
      Thanks for the comment,

    • Bob says:

      Hi Fiona,
      I at first poo, pooed your leaky gut thing. I had read up some on it a long time ago, but had forgotten most of it. Thinking about what you said, I did some more research on it and I think you have a point, although it still points back to food allergies, I think, which might be causing this problem. As it is, I’m mostly on that diet anyway right now, so I’ll be pursuing it more.
      Anyway, thanks for getting me thinking in that direction.

  10. Bob says:

    Hi Virginia,
    Glad you found that out, but sorry to hear it as being allergic to corn sucks more than being allergic to everything else put together, because that’s about what it is. Unfortunately, corn or things derived or grown on it, or used in processing are in most everything we eat which makes getting away from it very hard. I thought I could do it, but I’ve been trying to do it for about seven years now. Why seven years, because it takes a long time to learn just where corn can come from and I’m still learning. It’s hard to detect just which food is getting you. I did learn I should of done the elimination diet right off the bat. That’s not easy to do either as you can’t get away from the corn. I finally settled on grass fed beef I can get locally and oranges my brother grows and some vegetables from another brothers garden. I’ve been on this for almost a mouth and still haven’t sorted things out yet. To Detect where you’re getting corn from you need to get it out of your system to detect which foods it is coming from, otherwise, there isn’t much of a chance telling which food is getting you.
    Thanks for the comment.

  11. virginia says:

    Hi Bob,
    I just wanted to thank you for your post. I have been dealing with the exact same issue for the past 5 months, this horrible intense itching in my pubic area. I have been back and forth to the doctor but nothing has helped. I have tried all kinds of natural medicines for yeast, candida, fungus etc. I finally went back to the doctor last week, I just could not take it! She gave me more medications which did nothing. I came across your post Sunday night. I am gluten-free and have been eating quite a bit of corn, plus I love mexican food. It was like the light bulb went off. I have been off corn for 2 days and I am already 80% better. I just cannot believe it was just corn! I really appreciate your post, you have really helped me. I am now on my way to being corn free. Thank you,

  12. Lois Albury says:

    Hi Bob,

    Have you had a chance to read posts from this site?

    This is a real good article from a poster…… it says:

    New to Corn Allergy???

    I am dedicating this page to the friends on

    Posted are excerpts from various postings to those searching for help:

    Posted by Kristyreal:

    Now that you’ve found this forum, you will start to feel better and better every day. I had the same types of issues except I went undiagnosed for over 20 years. We are gradually building our health back up from all those years of illness. I remember how I felt when I finally found out that all my gastro symptoms were allergy related – I couldn’t believe not one doctor in all those 20 years ever suggested it to me. All of those foods that I thought I couldn’t eat are now back in my diet in moderation except for legumes.

    This allergy has changed our whole life – starting with how I think of food and any other product that touches my body. One good rule of thumb: the more a product is processed, the more likely it will be corn contaminated. Look for foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Sometimes this can be counterintuitive: some fresh fruit is actually more processed than frozen fruit even though that seems backward. Fresh fruit must be treated with citric acid, corn waxes and other corny crap to extend the shelf life but most frozen fruit is washed with water and frozen very quickly after harvest. Remember that baby carrots (and other pre-washed produce), raw boneless skinless chicken breasts and milk are processed foods.

    As for the ensure, pretty much anything with vitamin enrichments will be corny so go for nutrient dense whole foods and search the forum for safe vitamins. Try whole raw organic milk from pastured cows and pastured chicken and eggs to gain your health back. Butter and cream from pastured cows along with Kerrygold cheese is another way to boost your calories and start building up your system. Start looking for a farmers market where you may find safe beef, lamb, chicken, pork or turkey and eat beef, lamb and chicken livers (even if you don’t like it) at least once a week to regain strength and vitality. Liver and eggs are some of the best “health” foods on the planet and they will help you so much. Dairy kefir is also a miracle food.

    Also, you might want to consider things like bee pollen (as long as you’re not allergic, of course), rose hips, cod liver oil, honey, seeds and nuts, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, pure organic unrefined coconut oil and leafy green veggies to boost your health. Home sprouted seeds, grains and beans are very healthy, too (most sprouts from the store are corn contaminated). Bee pollen is very high in B vitamins and rose hips have more vitamin C than citrus fruits, cod liver oil (Blue Ice fermented plain CLO) is high in natural A and D vitamins. Seeds, nuts and leafy green veggies are really good sources of trace minerals and healthy fats – avocados and olive and coconut oils are also very safe, very healthy fats. Consider adding as many beneficial herbs, spices and aromatics as possible to your diet: onions, garlic, ginger, parsley, cilantro, turmeric, cayenne pepper, etc.

    I know all this sounds overwhelming, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. The first major step is changing your way of thinking about the fuel that goes into your body and the products that you absorb into your skin. Keep copious notes, print out lists of safe foods, make note of which store carries which product (you’ll never keep it straight otherwise), keep a food journal detailing the foods you eat and the reactions you felt, and seek out ethnic grocery stores and farmers markets and health food stores. Talk to everyone you meet – you never know when you’ll find out some vital information from a casual conversation with a stranger. It just takes practice and motivation and you’ve got plenty of motivation. We’re here to help so don’t forget that you can post any questions and you’re sure to get a good answer from someone (or several someone’s) on here. Good luck!

    A few good links mentioned: (look under allergen list)

    Hope this helps?

    Keep up the great work on your site, I thoroughly enjoy your sights as I peek over your shoulder while your paddling….LOL



    • admin says:

      Hi Lois,
      I just briefly checked out that site and it looks like a good one that I’ll have to spend some time on checking out. I’ve checked out most of the sites that have to do with this corn thing a while back. Now, there appears to be some newer ones that might be a bit better than the older ones. Most of the older sites tend to be a bit confusing on the subject, so newer clearer sites are appreciated. The whole corn thing is at best confusing as corn is used in many things and not marked as such, as it’s considered safe, but not for everyone as I found out.

  13. Lois Albury says:

    Hello Bob,

    I not sure if you have accessed the Gluten Free Society and read their article on Hidden Corn Based Ingredients? it is a wonderful site and lists ingredients that definitely contain corn and an Alpha listing of others that may contain corn. It also mentions that paper containers and plastic wrappers may contain an inner liner that is coated with corn as well, and a list of foods which may contain sources of corn.

    I can empathize with you and feel your frustration trying to source the root of your affliction, but knowing your tenacity – you will persevere.

    Keep up the great work on your very interesting daily blog, and website.

    Best of Luck,


    • admin says:

      Hi Lois,
      Always interested in more information on corn stuff. Sounds like a good site and I’m on my way over to check it out.
      Unfortunately, most foods have some kind of corn derived stuff in or on them and the worse part is a lot of the corn stuff isn’t listed as an ingredient, which makes staying away from corn stuff close to impossible.
      Thanks again for the info,

  14. admin says:

    I’m aware of what animals are fed. However, to my knowledge, when animals eat corn, they convert it to something else and it is no longer corn, so it’s doesn’t seem to be a bother to me. It seems to be a bother to some of the corn people though, but I go by what bothers me and so far that doesn’t.
    What is a bother are all the things that are derived from corn or are used in a products processing, which leaves corn in the final product and is most times not ever mentioned on the ingredients list of the product.
    I’ve been trying to rid my system of this corn stuff for over five years and have gotten most of it out of my system, but, corn is used so much and not labeled as corn, such as peanuts would be, so getting it completely out of ones system isn’t easy.
    I did find that too much research was getting things really confused as most of the information comes from people with varying degrees of the problem and a lot of their information as far as what products have corn stuff in them, is bogus.
    Bogus, because, lot of times, it’s hard to detect exactly which product got you, so often times, the information on what product is corned is not correct and the only way to find out is to test it yourself, which also comes under the same problems and is a slow process.

    I have found that the only way to appreciate what a curse this corn thing is, is to have the disorder yourself, otherwise, there is just no way you are going to get it, the understanding, I mean. And even if you have a corn problem, it will take a long time to get it, but you finally will. Curse, for sure. :O)
    Thanks for your comment,

  15. Zashes says:


    Most beef is finished with corn so you may want to try grass feed and finished beef.
    Poultry and pork are also feed GMO corn too, so more research perhaps

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