A Day Puttering Around the Sprinkles Staying Dry

Sunday January 12, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Some sprinkles today

The weather was a bit iffy today. It seemed to be threatening to rain or at least sprinkle so I wasn’t too enthused about getting much done today.

I thought about kayaking, maybe later in the day but that didn’t happen.

Mulching the woodchip pile

I did some chair hopping around the yard. I needed more water on the new woodchips so I put some water on that so it would soak through and start the pile mulching down.waterple


Thorny brush

I picked up this plum tree brush I cut down the other day. The brush has some nasty thorns that I had to watch out for. I was extra careful and avoided them.brush


No raspberry plants moved

I was just about to dig up some more raspberry plants when the first light sprinkles hit so that got curtailed as I didn’t really want to work on that in the rain. It didn’t rain though, just sprinkled lightly on and off.

So I was in and out of the  house. In when it was sprinkling and out chair hopping and puttering when it stopped and that’s how I spent most of the day.

The chickens lined up at the gate when it was time for me to open it so they could do some more grazing.chickens


Good eating carrots

While the chickens where grazing I went to my brother’s carrot patch and dug up six or so carrots, some to eat and some to cook.carpaatch


Before I knew it the day was over and it was getting dark so I went in the house and that was it for my day.

A nice lazy day just puttering around a bit in the yard.

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One Response to A Day Puttering Around the Sprinkles Staying Dry

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    We had all the sunshine here and were too greedy to share. sorry!
    Lazy days are just fine though too!

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