A Lazy Day Peach Tree Pruning and Prepping the Van for a Trip to Port Orford OR.

Saturday January 31, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I got up late today and was moving slow. Today I wanted to do some pruning on some of my fruit trees because spring is rapidly approaching. I thought I would go for a paddle in the afternoon after a little work.

  I started out on  a big peach tree. I did a little work on it and went in for a  nap.

After the nap, I decided to check out my van and see what needed to be loaded for an up coming trip to Port Orford, OR.

I filled all the water jogs and replaced my summer blanket with one for the winter. And another nap was in order.

After that, I was thinking of doing some more work on the peach tree, but it was so nice outside, I could only sit in my chair enjoying the day until it was nap time again. And of course, it was so nice out, I put off going to the river for a paddle.

I still had a little in me, so I went through all my stuff in the van to take inventory and see what else I needed to stock it up and then another nap and that was about it for this day.

I’ve been looking at the weather in Port Orford  for the next couple of weeks and it is mostly rain, with not many days of no rain in between the storms. I’d really like to go up there,  but I’m not sure at the moment what to do? It’s a days drive up there from here, so if I get washed out or too wet, it’s not that far to just come home again.

I think I’ll just continue to prep my van and watch the weather for a bit and maybe take off during this week. In the mean time,  I think I’ll continue enjoying the nice weather we are having here.

It was rather slow today, but sometimes that’s just what’s needed.

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