Birds, Yellow Jacket Nests, a Seal, With Fog, Kayaking Jenner

Thursday August 7, 2014 Jenner CA.

When I got up this morning, I checked my computer to see if it copied all the files to the external hard drive, using the window’s Easy File Transfer. It aborted the operation because there wasn’t enough disk base. I have a lot of pictures and video files. So, on to plan B tonight.

Leaving that behind, I arrived at Jenner around ten thirty and put my boat in the water. The day was much like yesterday with waffling fog and a low wind, overcast. But still nice.

Great Egret

With my boat in the water, I headed across to Penny Island where this great egret was fishing along the shoreline.egret


I stopped and watched it fish for awhile. It was catching some real little fish, like about an inch or less in length.

Harbor seal

I continued on up the river and noticed this harbor seal resting on a submerged redwood log.harborseal


The low wind or breeze was on and off, as the fog waffled around. This was my view as I approached the eagle’s landing area.redwoodlog


Two yellow jacket nests

The other day, I spotted this yellow jacket nest up in the trees along the shoreline.nest1


While trying to locate that one again today, I found this other one, about a hundred yards from where the other one was located.nest3


Eventually, something usually tears into the nest and destroys them, from what I’ve seen in the past.

Rested at rat nest

I paddled up to the rat nest area and sat for a bit, well, maybe a bit longer than that, napping.

After I was well rested I paddled across the river to Paddy’s rock and just below that there were some cormorants resting on the beach, and a couple of merganser ducks too.cormorants


Seagulls eat little Dungeness crabs

I paddled on down the river and entered the back channel of Penny island where I spied some seagulls catching little Dungeness crabs and eating them. These little crabs are very young, only an inch or two across the shell. They appear to come into the estuary from the ocean around this time of year.

There were about a dozen seagulls fishing this way as I worked my way down the channel.

This seagull just caught a little crab and is about to devour it.seagull


Sat in the slot

I sat in the little slot at the west end of the channel and took another break in this spot, looking across Penny Island to the town of Jenner.jenner


Lots of birds

After awhile, I headed on over to the west end of Penny Island where a lot of birds were resting on the gravel. Mostly terns, but there were some seagulls, curlews, and Willets too.

Looking past the terns are some Willets.birds2


The terns would all jump into the air and screech away and land again.terns2


Another new bird

I thought about going down to the river’s mouth, but decided not to and headed on in going down the north side of Penny Island, when I spotted this little six inch or so high bird along the shoreline feeding. I’ve never seen this bird before. It’ s chest is dark brown, like it’s face, maybe even chocolate.birdie2


This was my view as I headed on in to the boat ramp today.jenner2


Worked on my computers transferring files

I went on home for a nap and then started my computers copying files the old way. To copy my desktop to the external hard drive took about three hours, so I went out in the yard and shoveled dirt back into my water pipe ditch. I have about half of it covered up so far.

I’m making progress on moving my files to the new computer. Everything looks good on the new computer so far. This will likely be my last post from this old computer if everything continues to go well with the new setup.

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