Doing Projects and Checking Out the Forest Roads

Thursday November 4, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Chickens first

I fed the chickens when I got it going today as that’s usually one of the first things I do.chickens



Kitty Kat came by to get something to eat so I let her in the house as that’s where the food is.kat3


Extended arm work

After sitting around a bit I bolted the new extended arm on my car that I use to load my Kayak.arm4


I installed a little button I got off a half a kayak paddle I found in the river to keep the arm in when I travel.bracket


Feed Barrel

After some more chair sitting around the yard I cut the plastic barrel in two. I plan to use the larger piece to  mix chicken feed seed together for the chickens. I used the torch to burnish the edges by melting the plastic a bit. That made them nice and smooth.burn2


Mulching kale

I only had about 8 more loads of mulch to haul to this garden to finish mulching it so I got that done. The plants in this picture are kale. My brother Tom grows this stuff for the farmer’s market. It seems to be a hardy plant. These have been growing all summer and haven’t been picked as he hasn’t needed them yet. They just keep growing at the tips and seem to last a long time.mulch5


The tenderest parts are at the growing tips but all the rest are good too.kale6



My big avocado tree has avocadoes on it. They aren’t very big but the seed is small so it all works out.avocado


This little tree grew from last years avocado that fell on the ground so I transplanted it and gave it some protection.avocadotree7


Ride in the forest checking out roads

In the afternoon I fired up the dirt bike and took a ride up into the forest to have a look around for any water damage from the last big storm.

Washing out

I found this spot where the fire guys didn’t do a good job out-sloping the old road which caused the rain water to start washing things out  here. I will have to get this fixed the next time I fire up the bulldozer or eventually it will washout the whole road.road8


That was the worst place I found but there are some other places that could use a little fixing too. Fifteen inches of rain in 24 hours can do a lot of damage if things are just right. Most of the roads held up well during that storm.


Of course there were some trees on the road. I was able to break enough branches on this one to get under it.brush9



And I stopped in places to throw some rocks off the road to make it easier to get by. The dozer will take care of the rest when I get to it.rocks10


A little hike

I rode down to this area and parked and went for a little hike checking out the area.bike11


I walked down this trail a ways mostly just to get a bit of exercise and check some stuff out.trail12


Headed home

And from there I worked my way home for some chair hopping.


The kat came by and gave me a big stretch, meaning how about letting me in for some more chow.



Nice day.

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3 Responses to Doing Projects and Checking Out the Forest Roads

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Great day! I can’t get over the amount of branches down on the trail, but since it is so narrow, I see how it can get clogged up quickly enough.
    Kitty Kat sure knows how to express his needs for food! haha
    That kale looks so healthy! I don’t eat it or avocados but my sister would love that tree!!

  2. Nancy K says:

    I had a kitty exactly like Kitty Kat. I called her Mom Kitty since she came with six kittens when I found her under the seat of the bulldozer. She was the best kitty I ever had. You have a virtual grocery store in your back yard. Very cool!!!

  3. Barb in Florida says:

    The button on the kayak loading arm was a great idea.
    Your ingenuity is admirable.
    (I had to look up those words to express it right ;o)
    Have a great day, Bob!

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