Foggy, But Pleasant Kayaking Jenner Today

Friday August 16, 2013 Jenner, CA.

Sometimes the fog can be nice

I had already decided that if there was a cold fog at Jenner when I got there, I’d go back to Monte Rio for some sunshine.

Well, it was a light fog and waffling when I got there. Waffling means it was real light and coming and going in the light breeze. It was also fairly warm as the fog was thin enough most of the time for the sun to shine though to warm one up.

Ok, good enough, I put the boat in the water and headed across to Penny Island. I was taking it easy, so I’d go a little ways and stop and observe, mostly birds and seals. Stopping and taking it easy gives critters time to adjust and sometimes continue whatever it was they were doing before I arrived. Or since there isn’t a lot of movement, they may just come on over near me and do their thing, whatever that might be?

This is the up river view as I crossed over to Penny Island, just a tiny bit of fog, nice.view


There were some seals checking me out as I paddled up the river. This is one of them.seal


An egret was fishing near the shore on the east end of Penny Island. Here it is going for something, which I thought would be a fish,…………But.

Did it get anything?egretfishing


Yes it did, not a small fish, but a small crab in it’s bill below.egretcrab


I also watched it catch some small fish too, below.egretfish


I continued paddling slowly on up the river to Eagle’s landing where there were some Turkey Vultures sitting in a big fir tree, sunning themselves, I think.vulture


I stayed in the eagle’s landing area for about an hour before heading down the river to Otter’s log where I sat for awhile. The fog came in more, but still light and it stayed fairly warm. This is otter’s log and the fog view toward Jenner where I sat and watched for about an hour.foggy


From this spot I headed down the back side of penny island, which since it was going to low tide, a lot of weeds were in the water which made it a bit harder to paddle.

I saw a splash along the shore line of Penny Island which I thought might be an otter, so I stopped and looked for it.

Here it is as it popped up for just a bit, saw me and disappeared,  not to be seen again.otter1


There were a lot of birds resting on the west end of Penny Island as I passed and headed for the river’s mouth. Still a light fog waffling around, but not much wind.birds


There were a couple brown pelicans bathing in the water, here is one of them.brownpelican


The tide was just starting to change to high, as I sat in the foam in front of the rivers mouth and watched for awhile until I headed back up the river towards the take out.

This is my view where I sat in front of the river’s mouth for a bit in the foam.mouthview


As I was passing the west end of Penny Island something was jetting through the water making a lot of splashing.

This is a picture of something splashing though the water and moving real fast, what is it?what


Ha, Mergansers fishing. They really go after those little fish. This one is doing it’s, I got one dance, which a lot of the fish eating birds do after they catch something and eat it.

I think it may have something to do with helping whatever they swallow settle into them?mergansers

I slowly worked my way back to the launch area at the visitor’s center and went on home.

Something to eat and a nap and then some puttering in the yard. There is always something to trim or tidy out there, a little watering too.

Had a another nice day.

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