Jenner Kayak, Brown Pelicans and My Ol Body

Tuesday August 20, 2019 Jenner CA.

Resting up day

Today was to be a rest day so off I went to kayak the river at Jenner around noon as that was as quick as I could get it going today. It took a bit of effort to get out of bed this morning. My body didn’t want to get up but I persisted and eventually got it going.

There was some fog kicking around and it was a bit overcast but mostly it was a real nice day.

Headed up the river

I headed on up the river along here taking it easy and stopping often.riverlogs


I stopped in this spot for a bit before continuing on to the bridge.rock


Lumber scraps

And I stopped in this spot by this old lumber from a real old lumber mill that used to be here before 1900.lumber


Bridge Haven

The bridge was as far as I was going today so I sat under it for awhile.bridge2


This great white egret was sharing the spot with me until it squawked and took off.egret


Back down the river

Eventually I started back down the river going along it’s shoreline.riversit


Brown pelicans show up

Some big birds showed up which turned out to be brown pelicans and they were fishing, diving on fish.birds


Across the river by Paddy’s rock there were all these birds resting on the gravel.bird


I stopped here in this spot and was watching some splashing going on across the river.sit


The splashing turned out to be the brown pelicans diving on some fish. See the splash in this picture. You have to look closely, just like I did.splash


These pelicans were in my path as I paddled on in to the boat ramp.pelis


And I went by these guys which I got pretty close to as they didn’t seem to mind me much today. pelicans


Working too hard maybe

When I arrived at the boat ramp I tried to get out of my boat but the ol body just didn’t want to do it as it hurt when I tried but I persisted and worked my way out of the boat hurting a bit. Maybe I shouldn’t work so hard eh.

I went on home were I was going to do a short nap which turned into a long one.

Late in the evening I went outside and hunted up some  materials for the spring project I’m working on and mostly sat around resting up.

Nice day on the river.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Gotta hate when then ol body starts aching from over work slowing recovering just takes longer now.

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