Loafing Around and Checking Out the Grande Ronde River

Tuesday August 6, 2019 Grande Ronde River Troy Oregon

Up the river today

Last night I turned on the light to see what was moving on my stove top and this is what I found. I threw it outside just in case.mantis


I got up leisurely this morning and eventually made it down to Troy to my spot. I hung around there talking to a couple people then did what I’d planned for the day. I drove up the river along this road, headed to the bridge at 7 miles where I used to put in my boat and flout down to Troy most every afternoon and it was much fun.

The road

Here’s the road and the Grande Ronde river about a mile or so up the road from town.road1


There aren’t too many people living around here but here’s a place that I’ve been before.road2


Barn dance

Dan and I went to a real old fashioned barn dance here long ago. Most of those people have passed away by now. That’s the barn.barn


I continued my slow drive on up the river.river5


Seven mile bridge

And made it to the bridge at 7 miles looking up the river. I parked down to the left in the picture for a few hours enjoying the day.bridge


I parked in the shade as it’s been hot, but I stayed close to the river on the left.vanpark


Here’s the view out the van’s doors. A nice refreshing swimming hole down there helped the day along.riverview


New hat

When I stop I usually walk around any camp spots and found this new hat on the ground near a campfire pit. My size and brand new with the tag. I haven’t had to buy any hats for a long time now as people often loose them on the river.hat


I’ve launched here too

Around three I moved on down the river and stopped at this spot for a bit checking out the boat launch area.putin


Then I moved down the river a half mile or so to this spot for a swim and I wanted to finish putting a blog together.parkvan



My plan is to post this blog this evening and then take a drive up to Eden beach for an evening wildlife viewing ride. That means I’ll likely get back about dark if I do it right.

Without doing a shuttle the river isn’t easy to do as it flows pretty fast and it’s not easy to walk up the river when you have to get out for shallow spots. That’s just the way nature is, so you have to flow with it.

To Jarbidge

So my thoughts are I should get back to the Jarbidge area on the way home. I should wait another day as this hot spell is about to break, but I’m still undecided. I might take off tomorrow or not but I will be heading that way soon.

Nice day on the Grande Ronde River. Now on to town to post this blog and then off for that wildlife ride later.

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2 Responses to Loafing Around and Checking Out the Grande Ronde River

  1. Ken solbakken says:

    Good blogs Bob, beautiful country, nice country folks!

  2. jenny Johnson says:

    Oh good — back to Jarbidge —be sure to check on the ceiling of the bar for my signature Jenny J –Safe travels on those dusty roads

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