Making My Way To the Guerne’s Ranch In Northeastern California But Nobody Home

Saturday, Sunday October 20,21, 2018 Heading west on highway 140 Nevada

Long drive today

Heading North from Winnemucca after posting my blog I turned onto highway 140 west. It was going to be a long drive on this road as I had to cross over a large part of Nevada’s desert. I found a place to camp just before my turnoff at Adel.

It was a quiet camp and I got it going again in the morning.


This is Adel Nevada where I turned southwest heading to New Pine Road where the Guerne camp was located still a days drive ahead.adel


Cattle drives

I drove on through several cattle drives which were going down the road. The process was to slowly drive on through them.cattle2


Some cattle didn’t have to walk and were driven. These truckers sure made a lot of dust and didn’t slow down much.truck3


Here’s another cattle drive I went on through.cattledrive4


Rough roads

I’m driving across National Forest land and some of the roads were a little rough.road5


Like this one. Lucky the roads were dry or I wouldn’t get through as things turn to snoot when it rains.road6


Dismal Swamp

I thought I might camp here at Dismal Swamp but after a good break I continued on.dismal7


This is the Dismal Swamp, I bet it looks great in the spring.dismalswamp8


I took a little walk out in the swamp area and was surprised to see ten inch trout in this little stream.trout9


Cave Lake

I continued on and stopped at this lake called Cave Lake and looked for a camp spot but decided to move on as the Guerne place wasn’t far down the road from here.cavelake10


Guerne’s Ranch

I’d been to the Guerne place a number of years ago and no one was there. I wasn’t quite sure where it was but this looked like the place with the Guerne sign on the wall.guernes11


I noticed this cardboard sign on the fence as I drove on in wondering what it was about. I found out.tow13


Guerne’s truck needs work

I found George Guerne’s truck parked in the back. It looked like it ran into a cedar tree and got it’s front end smashed up a bit.truck14


No one but me

No one was here, but it looked like they left this morning as the fire was still moldering in the yard.

I had a look around and decided to stay the night so I found the spot that I hoped would get the earliest morning’s sun and parked.van15


Camped and making plans

I’d planned to stay a day or two but with no one around I started looking at the map on how to get to Fort Bragg from here. There aren’t any real direct routes to it so I had to do some planning on the map which I did and then did some reading for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow morning I’ll depart for the Fort Bragg area which should take all day driving to get there so I might not make it all the way. I’ll stop somewhere along the way and see if I can post this blog.

Nice day cruising through the National Forest roads.

Posted from MacArthur CA. Plans changed to head on home so I should be there tonight. Hey Mr. Ed, I do run into some people out where I go and do stop and chat when I can. And talking and answering one’s self at this older age is ok so it all works out.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Keep on truckin’ although that Guerne’s truck looks like it has stopped truckin’.
    Stay safe on your journey home.

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