Paddling Around Jenner with Ray and I’m All Tired Out

Thursday July 2, 2015 Jenner CA.

Ray pulled into Jenner just after I did this morning so we put our boats in the water and headed down towards the river’s mouth area as I hadn’t been down that way for a couple weeks.

It was a bit foggy, but it was clearing as we approached.mouth


There’s always lots of harbor seals in this area. Here’s some watching us go by.seals


We stopped at the open mouth and watched for a bit. High tide was coming in. Then we paddled on past the mouth and into the area at the end of the river here and sat for a spell.heron


After we tired ourselves out sitting there we headed back up the river taking the Penny Island back channel. I noticed some flocks of my buddy birds flying around. First time I’ve seen them this year. I call them buddy birds because they sometimes land right by me on the shore line and take a rest by my boat. Little pipers.

Here’s a couple of them we went by. They feed along the shoreline.pipers


Just above Penny Island we paddled past about thirty white pelicans resting on a redwood log in the water. The white pelicans are back feeding in the estuary this summer.pels


We landed at Swamp rock trailhead here and went to shore for a walk and to eat some wild berries.jenner


Here’s Ray eating wild black berries.berries


We walked up Poison Oak Alley trail which runs along the rivers shoreline. Here’s Ray going through the poison oak,……………in his shorts. Good thing we don’t catch the stuff.ray


That little walk tired us out, so after that we put our boats back in the water and headed in for the day.russianriver


We paddled by some of the white pelicans as we went in.pelicans


When I got home, I couldn’t get it going and was all tired out. I think my recent trip caught up with me, time changes and all. I wasn’t able to get it going the rest of the day or even write my blog. Went to bed real early as that was all I could  do. Of course that meant I got up earlier and now am writing yesterdays blog. Since this is a holiday, not sure what to do today. I think I should just stay home and putter.

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4 Responses to Paddling Around Jenner with Ray and I’m All Tired Out

  1. Patti Sundberg says:

    Hi Bob,
    I was up at the River for the 4th and I understand you told Ray you didn’t want to
    take me kayaking over the weekend or ever. Thanks.
    But I brought you up a present. A Bar-B-Que grill cleaning scrub, no metal, works really good. Ray or Johnny has it. Enjoy the summer.

    • admin says:

      Hi Patti,
      I’m caught. :O) However, we need to take this in context. Ray was saying you wanted him to take you out and was saying I should. I said he should take care of his brotherly duties and not involve me in it and that’s how it all came about, so I hope there is no offense? :O) To be honest, I was too worn out to do much of anything this weekend.
      It’s not that big of a thing to go yakking, just grab a boat and go. Ray’s got two. Bottom line, if you want to go out, let me know when you’ll be up and we’ll go as that remark was more just something Ray and I were having a discussion about. I’ll murder him later for this. :O) the BBQ thing sound interesting. I appreciate you getting one for me. I hope you didn’t get one for Ray. :O)

      • Patti Sundberg says:

        Thanks Bob,
        I talked with Johnny this morning after he is back from back packing and he said you had mentioned “I guess I’m on Patti’s
        shit list” Well Bob your not. You’re to good a friend of many years. But I do want to go yakking. So I will see you sometime
        on the River.
        Take Care,

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