Pretty Quiet Kayaking Jenner Today

Thursday December 12, 2013 Jenner CA.

Another cold one, but the sun was out

I wasn’t feeling too hot last night or when I got up this morning and I considered staying home today. But after a few aspirins and some time I got it going and left for Jenner. It seemed like this was the coldest day so far around here.

As I approached Jenner, I could see Ray already in the water and headed over to Penny Island, so I got my boat in the water an joined him.

The sun was out and there was a light, but cool breeze blowing as we worked our way up the river stopping often, looking for sun and out of the wind spots. We eventually made it about half way up to the highway one bridge and it was warming up a little by this time and the breeze seemed to be less too.

Everything seemed real peaceful, not much happening with quite a few different types of ducks in the water today.

As the sun started to go behind the hill to our south, we turned around and started back down the river.

I saw a little shore bird fly up under some branches and thought it was a dowhich, which I’ve been seeing around here lately so I took a picture of it.

I was wrong, it wasn’t a Dowhich, but it was about the same size, but it had a short bill.

So, it’s a little shore bird.bird


Working our way down past that, there was a great blue heron by a big redwood log in the river. I saw this bird in the same spot yesterday, it must have been a good fishing spot. It always amazes me to watch a big bird like this gracefully fly out of a tight spot like that, which it did as we approached it.heron


We were sorta looking for a place to pull to shore for a bit of a walk, but the water level was real low as we were going to low tide. I finally picked a spot near the west end of Penny Island. It wasn’t the best spot and it was a little on the muddy side but we made it.

Here is were we pulled ashore on Penny Island for a little walk, looking back up the river on the back channel of the island.kayak


This was our view toward the west end of Penny Island as we came ashore for our walk.pennyisland


This is what one of the trails looks like if you can find it. Trails here are a maze and it’s easy to get lost for a bit in this stuff if you don’t know where you are going and then you still might get a bit misplaced and end up beating though the brush.trail


It was a little tough getting back in our boats, but we made it, just barely without falling in the water and headed down towards the river’s mouth area. Ray and I are both the same age and we both agree it’s getting tougher to get in and out of our boats. :O)

This is Ray as we were almost to the river’s mouth area. I think Ray and I were the only boats on the river down here today.ray


The river’s mouth was wide open with a lot of seagulls and seals in the area.rivermouth


As we were sitting in our boats taking it easy down there we noticed this guy over by Goat Rock doing something with his parasail. I don’t know if he was just practicing, or new to the sport or there just wasn’t quite enough wind, but the sail was up and down several times and I didn’t see him ever take off. parasail


We left him at it and headed in for the day.

This is our view as the sun was headed down and we were headed home for the day.view

It was a bit cool when we started in the morning, but the sun warmed it up some and it turned out to be another real nice day.

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