Trip Planning and a Forest Work Ride With Marty

Wednesday July 20, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Marty visits

Marty came by and we sat around and did some trip planning for the future for about an hour in the yard while doing some chair hopping.


Then we walked around the yard doing some fruit and berry sampling.

I had some light work to do up in the woods so we rode on up there taking the chainsaw to do some road clearing of downed dead trees which were across the roads.

This is the first one we stopped at and the chainsaw made short work of it.tree1


Full water tanks

We continued on up the road going by our water tanks that were full, which is always nice.tanks2


Then we stopped at this little tree which  I was able to just throw off the road.tree3



We were going by the old spring so we stopped for a drink of fresh spring water, just because we could.water4


Resting up

Then we sat in the chairs at the spring and shot the bull some more and some more trip planning, among other stuff.shade5


Only the small stuff

After a good rest there we continued on to the next little tree across the road. We only worked on the little stuff today. This one was another real easy one with only one saw cut to clear it off the road.tree6


We moved on and went through this nice lush area.trail7


Last one

And stopped here to remove the dead trees on the right, mostly just because we had the saw and it was the last one I knew we had to deal with so we did.tree8


Works done

Now that all the work was done we rode on through this area.trail10


Down to this area where I have some more chairs that needed occupying.bikes9


This was the view from the chairs in that spot. We rested up and shot some more bull, mostly just enjoying the nice peaceful day in the forest.view


Headed home

It was getting late in the day so from that spot we rode down through this area on our way back to my house.traiil11


That pretty much did the day in.  Marty took off for his place and I took off for a nap.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Trip Planning and a Forest Work Ride With Marty

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Wondering where the next trip takes you?

    • Bob says:

      Me too. Northern California than east to the Sihara’s through the back roads. I’m letting my fried do most of the planning.

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