1967 Chevy Van V8 Conversion Work and an Evening Paddle at Jenner

Saturday July 23, 2016 Jenner CA.

Changing the van’s computer program

Once I got it going this morning, I did some more painting on the van parts. Then I removed the TBI computer from behind the driver’s seat and installed the newly programed prom for the Chevy 350 V8 engine I’m installing. All I had to do was remove the cover on the left, pry out the old chip and install the new one which I just accomplished in this picture. It’s ready to put the cover back on and put it back in the van.tbicontroller


Repairing and upgrading the injector unit

After a break, I decided to tackle the TBI unit. As you can see on the right pod, it’s been leaking gas causing that brown stain and it’s not supposed to do that so I need to take it apart and install new o-rings and gaskets.tbi


I also had to install new larger injector pods which you can see on the right by the screw driver.injectors


I’m disappointed in Howell Engine Development

I was disappointed to find the two metal rings that go just under the larger o-rings on the tops were missing. They were not installed and this was likely the cause of the fuel leakage. Lucky I had two new rings in a kit I had purchased and was able to put things back the way they are supposed to be.

I bought this kit from Howell Engine Development as a rebuilt kit of GM parts. It seems they may have forgotten to tighten the injector screws which one of them put a hole in one of my engine’s pistons and now I find missing metal rings that weren’t installed.

This thing is really fairly easy to work on compared to a carburetor.

Evening kayak at Jenner

Around five thirty PM, I headed on down to Jenner for an evening kayak. I met Steve there and we paddled across the river to Penny Island.

I was surprised to see all the herons getting together there. Egrets are of the heron family.egrets


I’m not sure what was going on. They didn’t seem to be feeding.herons


There were also some geese just past them.geese


We headed up the river and stopped here at Otter’s log for a spell.otterlog


We went over to Paddy’s rock and put some warmer closes on as the night chill was starting to set in.

From there we crossed back over the river and started down river to fellow the sun down.steve


The water went flat as we paddled along trying to catch up with the setting sun.river


We did catch the setting sun just as we approached the upper end of Penny Island.sundown


We continued on down the island’s back channel.flat


We came out the bottom end of the channel and headed on over towards the river’s mouth area as it got darker.night


This was our view as we approached the river’s mouth area where we spent some time as it got darker.mouth


After spending some time down there by the mouth, we headed back to the boat ramp and got there about ten thirty PM and went on home.

That was my day.

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