A Great Day For a Little Paddle Below Monte Rio

Monday December 23, 2019 Monte Rio CA.

A paddle day

Today with the weather good, between rains I decided to go kayaking on the Russian River somewhere.

Mucky ramp

I knew there was 6 inches of muck on the Monte Rio boat ramp the last time I was there so I put my flat shovel in the car so I could shovel off some of the mud if need be. My plan was to head for Jenner to kayak for the day but stop at Monte Rio to check the boat ramp for mud and shovel some off if need be and then continue on down to Jenner to kayak for the day.

Monte Rio looks good to paddle

When I arrived at the Monte Rio boat ramp I was surprised to find it mostly mud free and looking nice so I decided to put my boat in the water and head on down stream a little ways.

I put the boat in the water and looked up stream. I could see Bill and his dog laying on the beach with Bill fishing so I paddled over to see what’s been going on in the area as he hangs out here a lot.rio


Visit with Bill

Bill’s homeless and sleeps with his dog in his car and fishes the river a lot. He’s actually an interesting character that’s done a lot in his life and had it all at one time.But people give up for one reason or another sometimes and end up like him. In some ways he doesn’t have it so bad hanging out on the river but it gets damp on the river in the winter time and staying warm can be a bit of a problem.

Fishing but no catching

Anyway we shot the bull for a bit and then I headed on down the river. There were a couple other fishermen there too but no one was catching, only fishing.bill


There was some current from the recent rains so I put the boat in a drift and slowly made my way down stream. I was headed about a mile down the river to the Villa Grande Hole just below that mountain up ahead.rivereflick


I passed by this pair of mallard ducks feeding along the river’s edge.mallards


The sun was out and high enough in the sky to shine on the river before it went below the hills. Villa Grande is just up ahead.villa


Villa Grande

Here’s coming into Villa Grande hole with the beach on the left. I plan to sit in my boat on the right.villi


Here I am sitting in the Villa Grande Hole taking it easy and just checking things out.villagrande


This little grebe floated on by keeping an eye on me.grebe


I sat around the hole for about an hour then started my paddle back up the river. Here I’m just leaving the Villa Grande hole.villabeach


I went by some more ducks feeding in the sun.ducks


Sun’s going down

Monte Rio is below that hill up ahead where I’m headed at a slow pace. The sun is starting to go behind the hills for the day.riverrio


I stopped here in this spot just below Monte Rio and sat for a spell before moving on up the river.rioriver


I’m coming back up to Monte Rio where the boat ramp is located on the left.monterio


But before taking out I paddled back up by the bridge to have a look around. Yup, the bridge was still there.bridge


Boat ramp

And then I headed to the boat ramp over there and pulled my boat out of the water and drove on home for the day.ramp


Once home I checked on the chickens. They were doing just fine so I went in the house for a short nap.

Just before dark I went back outside and sat with the chickens for a spell until it got dark on me.

That was it for me today. Nice paddle on the river.

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