A Paddle, a Peekaboo Bird and More Work on My 1967 Chevy Van Conversion

Monday July 18, 2016 Jenner CA.

A paddle at Jenner CA.

I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning and paddled across to this spot by Penny Island to decide which way to go for he day. The fog was waffling around a bit, mostly clearing off as I decided to paddle on down along the side of the island and head to the river’s mouth area to see what’s happening down that way.

I sat here at Penny Island, then continued on down along the side.rivertoday


I passed by these terns resting on the lower end of Penny Island.tern


The wind was picking up a little as I crossed over toward the mouth area up ahead.ocean


I sat here in front of the open mouth for a bit. Lots of harbor seals resting on the beach there. The ocean was gently pounding the jetty.mouth


Eventually, I turned and let the wind carry me slowly up the river towards the island back channel. I stopped in this slot for a bit watching as the fog was trying to come back in.foggy


I paddled up the back channel and around the upper end of the island and stopped in this spot for awhile watching the fog.fog


Then I worked my way down along Penny Island to this spot I like to stop by the reeds, just in front of the little town of Jenner.reeds


Peekaboo bird

As I was sitting there, something caught my eye. A bird was playing peekaboo with me in the reeds to my left.peakybird


The bird would peek out at me from the reeds just behind my paddle.reedbird


The bird made a short appearance.birdreed


It took a quick look, then scampered back into the reeds where I could see it hunting around for food.bird4


I headed on over to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

Working on the van’s engine compartment braces

I was eager to get the braces I’d started making the other day finished. I needed to weld some more stuff onto them and do some more fitting and paint them.

I added the long tongue on the drivers side and made the slider for it which you can see on the ground by the left bracket. I also drilled the holes in the bottoms of them and drilled holes for some pop rivets which will fasten them to the engine compartment and make it all strong.brackets


I think this is better than the store bought stuff

Here’s the tongue slid into the slider piece just to check things out. I haven’t drilled the holes in the slider piece yet, as I’m just testing for fit. The slider will be pop riveted to the engine compartment later. This should make the side fairly rigid.brace


Here’s a close up of he tongue slider. It’s made in such a way as to be one metal thickness out, so it goes over the rubber seal better.



Paint always makes things look nice

I took the braces off to paint them gray with three coats, so tomorrow they should be dry enough to install them which will really move me along on this engine compartment split task. I should take delivery on my new engine in about a week which will go fast so I need to keep moving along prepping things so I’ll be ready.

That was my day for a nice one.

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