A Paddle, a Walk on Penny Island and the Biologists Do Their Net Thing

Monday June 20, 2016 Jenner CA.

Nice day for a paddle

It seemed like a good day to go down to Jenner and go kayaking, so that’s what I did. The wind was down and the sun was out as I put my boat in the water and paddled to this spot across the river at Penny Island where I sat for a good while just enjoying the day.jenner


I did notice the biologists trucks and trailers parked in the parking lot so I knew they were here doing something. I could see them down near the mouth area as I crossed over the river.

I decided to go up to the little channel on the upper end of the island, so went up along the island here, the channel is just up ahead.island


It was so nice in the channel I sat there for an hour or so just taking it easy and watching for things.channel


Landed for a walk

With the river’s mouth being closed the water level is up which makes it real easy to land on Penny Island here which I did.shoreislland


I went ashore for a walk and to look for some berries to eat. The island trails are thick with brush. Here’s one of the trails I walked through looking for berries.trail


I found some small blackberries to eat, but not many as they are on their way out for the year.blackberry


I got back in my boat here on the upper end of the island, looking down the island  back channel.boat


And paddled around the upper end of the island not going anywhere. With the water level up, some of the island is flooded and so I paddled around this part of the upper island.river


I paddled to the upper part of the island and looked back and this is what it looked like looking back at Penny Island down the back channel.islandend


Biologists show up for some seine netting

I was sitting back in the channel when I noticed the biologists boats heading up river by the boat ramp. They turned and came over by me, so I pulled over to talk with the guys in the rubber boat. Turns out they were going to take samples with the seine net right in front of me. boats


I took some video of them putting the net out and pulling it in that I may get together and post eventually.

Here they are doing their netting thing for samples of what’s in the water, as I watched.setupnet


They were just pulling the seine net in in this picture.netting


I left them at it after two pulls and went down along the north side of Penny Island where I ran into this female mallard with her little ones that are about half grown. They were feeding along these reeds.ducks


Winds come up

I was thinking of going on down to the river’s mouth area, but as I paddled along, the wind came up, so I stopped here and eventually turned and went in for the day.shoreling


I went on home.

Checking on my new van springs

I’ve been wondering where my new van springs are as I should of heard from the spring guys letting me know they had come in, but no call yet, so I gave them a call. I tried to call several times, but couldn’t get through to anyone as their phones seemed to be jammed up.

I waited an hour and tried again and finally got someone. They said they’d find out exactly when the springs would come in and get back to me by tomorrow morning so I wait. I’d like to get them installed before the 4th so I can be off on another adventure, so we’ll see if that works out or not.

That was my day for a nice one.

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2 Responses to A Paddle, a Walk on Penny Island and the Biologists Do Their Net Thing

  1. Bob says:

    Well Ed,
    I have one acre. The Family has 120 acres and the state park has a lot more, so I have plenty of room to run around on, plus my neighbors have a few acres to add to that that I can also run around on. And yes, it’s sorta an old family place mostly. My great grandfather bought part of the Armstrong Ranch back around 1900. Armstrong State park is right next to me. Nice to have a few acres to run around on, especially when I was a kid. Sure beats city life as far as I’m concerned. :O)

  2. Mister Ed says:

    After reading your post for sometime it sounds like you have an old in the Family farm running up the hill running down the hill run across a fancy bridge so with that I have a very curious question to ask you and I hope I’m not being too personal but how many acres do you have it sure seems like you could get lost real quick if you wanted to

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