Cutting Berry Vines and Eating Plums and Strawberries

Sunday June 19, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Taking  it easy today

I didn’t have any plans for the day, so I just stayed home and enjoyed the day.

I did get out the pruning shears and cut as many wild blackberry vines out of the yard as I could throughout the day. They grow just about as fast as I can cut them down. I think they will win in the long run.

Wild blackberry vines growing in the yard.berryvine


If I don’t cut them out, they grow into real big bushes in no time.

Roses need more water

I checked out my red rose that I gave a shot of water too about a week ago. The bush produced another crop of nice roses, but they looked like they needed more water so I put the sprinkler on them for awhile.redrose


I checked my van batteries to make sure they were charging ok and they were so I left them to do their thing.batteries


Headed over to the berry patch

Late in the afternoon, I walked over to get some strawberries from my brother’s garden.

I walked through this old gate that was built when I was a kid in the 1950s,gateold


And over this log bridge that was built this year.ropebridge


I stopped by to see how the pigs where doing. They seem to be growing fast and have about doubled in size. Plump looking little guys.pigs


I made it to the strawberry patch which was looking good.berrypatch


I picked about a quart of these ripe strawberries and ate a few too.strawberry


On the way out of the garden I stopped and picked a couple of zucchini squash.squash


I walked around the yard and ate some plums. These are Satsuma plums, red meat in the middle.plumsred


And these are some of my wild plums, a type of plum that has huge crops.plums2


I cut up the strawberries and put some sugar in them. Yum, they are good.berries


So I really didn’t do much today, mostly just took it easy for a nice day.

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