A Paddle Before The Rains Start and a Muffler Pipe Repair

Friday January 6, 2017 Jenner CA.

Rains are coming

It sounds like there is a lot of rain coming our way, so I thought I better get down to Jenner for a yak before it hits.

I put the boat in the water and headed down towards the mouth area as I haven’t been down that way in awhile.river


I passed by these feeding ducks near the lower end of Penny Island.ducks


Open and low tide at the river’s mouth

I paddled on down to the mouth area and only got this close today as it was low tide and there was a bit of current and I didn’t want to go out into the ocean.mouth


There didn’t seem to be a lot going on at the mouth area today, so I didn’t stay long and headed back up the river along it’s north shoreline.jenner


There were some black birds feeding by the boat ramp.birds


I continued on up the river along it’s north shoreline which I rarely do.

I’m approaching the Paddy’s rock area and that egret is just about to fly off with a squawk.egret


How Paddy’s Rock might have gotten it’s name

I paddled up to Paddy’s rock. I don’t know how Paddy’s Rock got it’s name. But I think Paddy knew about the deep hole just off to it’s right and fished off the rock in the good ol fishing days. You can’t really tell there is a big hole there. I only knew about it because I saw the biologists trying to hit it one day to take some measurements.paddysrock


Put the boat in a drift

I circled around Paddy’s rock and rested a bit there, then moved my boat to the middle of the river and put it in drift mode and headed on down slowly.

On the upper end of Penny Island I spotted a bunch of ducks resting on the water.

Here’s just some of them.ducks2


I paddled by the old milk barn on Penny Island.barn


And crossed back over the river to this spot and eventually headed on in for the day.ramp


I think I have an exhaust leak

I headed on home thinking I needed to repair what I hoped was just a leak in my muffler pipe. My car has been sounding like it was going to fall apart for the last couple days and I was pretty sure something was wrong in the exhaust system back by the muffler.

So I jacked up the car and had a look. The muffle pipe was completely broken off at this junction.pipe


I’d already had an idea how to fix it as I had been thinking about it on the way home.

So  I got a piece of sheet metal and cut it to this size and I found a hose clamp.parts


I wrapped the metal around the pipe and used the clamp to tighten it down and I think it should work. If it falls off, I will add a wire to hold it in place.repair


I’ll test that out the next time I drive it.

That pretty much wrapped up my day.

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