A Quad Ride, a Big Log Slide an Oil Leak and a Walk

Sunday June 11, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Dozing a big log slide

Today I was going up the hill to put some transmission oil in the bulldozer. I got the stuff together and loaded it on my quad runner and I was off around noon.

It was a couple miles ride up the hill to where the dozer was parked.dozer


I added the transmission fluid to the transmission and started the dozer to warm up a bit as I wanted to do some work.

I headed up the hill some more going by this spot.road


Removed this little slide

I removed this small slide in the road on the way to the big one.stump


I continued on up the hill going by here on the main trail.road2


Just up ahead is the big slide. A bunch of big fir trees slid down the hill and blocked the road last winter during a big storm.slide


Rip and smash

Nothing like smash and slash and rip em apart as I pushed the logs off the road to clear the road.logs


I tore through that big ol slide and continued on down the road and moved these downed trees off the road.limbsroad


Oh, oh an oil leak

I noticed some hydraulic oil leaking from the dozer blade.oil


I headed on down the hill to find a place to park the dozer so I could fix the oil leak.roadold


No tools with  me

I didn’t have any tools with me, so I couldn’t fix the oil leak. It turns out one of the fittings is just loose and needs some wrenches to tighten the fitting up tight.

That lower fitting is leaking oil.leak


Got a walk in too

I parked the dozer and had to walk back to where I parked my quad runner through this area. Nice and lush.green


I walked along this road headed for  the quad runner.redwoods


And through this area almost to my machine.walk


Dumped the rest of the oil in the dozer tank

I got the quad runner and went back to the dozer and added all the hydraulic fluid I had left in the pale to the blade hydraulic tank so I’d have enough when I got some wrenches to fix the leak which I will do some other time.

I rode on home and spent the rest of what was left of the day sitting around in the yard just enjoying the day.

And that was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Mighty man! Nice job clearing the roadway. We had extreme heat here, looks like you were at least shaded in the trees.

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