A Ride in the Rain Checking Out the House Springs

Friday December 5, 2014 Guerneville CA.

And checking out my brothers golf carts

It was supposed to rain most of the day and it was raining when I got up. The rain was to pick up as the day progressed and it did.

The plan was to go check out our house springs up the hill from my house. That meant a ride in the rain, so I donned my rain gear for the occasion.

The quad runner started right up, which is always a good thing. I went up the hill to the highest spring which we call the Indian spring and it was our main spring. I needed to check the water flow and how murky each spring was from the rains. I wanted to put the least murky springs into the tanks and let the murky ones run free. The main spring is a clean running spring, but it’s been losing it’s water this last couple years and a spring below it has been getting it’s water, but it’s not as clean. The main spring was running, but not very much, so I left it hooked up and left the other spring under it running free as they are murky.

This was the road I took to get up to the springs.road


I continued on over to this spring, the white pipe coming out of the hill. this is not as clean a spring, so I removed the pipe and let it flow. The wild pigs have been using the puddle below the spring for a wallow.spring1


Then I went over to where there are several springs coming out of the hill. They were all flowing clean, but the black pipe to the right of the quad runner was pinched closed so I worked on getting the kink out of it. Of course the kink was on a very steep part of the hill. These are new spring taps, so I left them not hooked into the system to let them clean out some more during big rain storms and I do that down by the tanks at the valves.spring2


The main line, the black plastic pipe runs down the hill on top of the ground about a thousand feet,  so sometimes animals eat into it, so I had to check it for leaks by measuring the amount of water at the main valves, which are just above our water tanks which you can barely see to the right. I had to walk up this little gulley to get to the water valves.tanks


The valves are at this spot, just behind me. Lots of big ferns in the area.gullley


I checked the water from the main spring which wasn’t very much, but it’s winter so should be enough for now.   The water coming out of the pipe is from the newer springs, which I can turn into the tanks as they clean out some more, if I need to.valves


As I was finishing up, the rains were picking up, but I was nice and dry in my rain gear. I went on home for a hot cup of coffee.

Golf cart repairs

My brother Tom uses two electric golf carts to help him do his garden and needed some help as neither one would go anymore, so I had him bring them over and put one under my carport so I could work on it. I don’t have services manuals, so I spent most of the afternoon looking for stuff to figure out why they didn’t want to go.

I found some information, but not enough to figure out why his best one doesn’t go. I did find more information on his other one and can likely fix it, but I was beat from all the web studies and gave it up for now.

That was my day.

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