A Visit, A Yak and a Seal

Sunday August 11, 2013 Jenner CA.

When I got up this morning, it looked like it was going to be another nice day, not too hot. I put the water sprinkler on some of my cherry trees to give them a good soak and puttered in the yard for awhile.

Around noon, I got my stuff together and headed out toward Jenner to yak, stopping in Guernewood Park to visit Madeline who was up for the weekend. I chatted with her for about an hour before heading down to Jenner to yak. It was sunny on the way down there, but as I approached Jenner you could see the fog was coming in.

I put my boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island where I just sat in my boat for about an hour or so, not doing anything, just sitting there napping and day dreaming a bit. When I got tired of that spot, I headed up the river to Otter’s log and rested and day dreamed there for another hour or so. This spot had a nice willow tree overhang and was out of the wind, so it was a very peaceful place to stop.

From there I continued up the river to the Eagle’s landing area, where I put the boat ashore at this spot.yakshore


My view from the Eagle’s landing area looking up the river. The fog was moving in.fogy


This area always has some wild flowers of some kind just about all year long.

These little yellow flowers were there to greet me.flowers


There is an old trail that goes along the shoreline in this area, it’s always nice and lush.trail


This area also has a lot of this real nice red looking stuff pretty much everywhere along the trail. My other name for this area is poison oak alley, for good reason.poisonoak2


After awhile I got back in my boat and headed back down stream where I stopped at the Otter’s log again and spent about another hour there, just taking it easy. The fog was coming in more and it was getting a bit chilly out, so I headed on in about five thirty P. M.

This is the view from Otter’s log looking down river at Jenner.foggedin


There was a great blue heron fishing along the shore of Penny Island.heron


I went on home where the sun was shinning and took it easy for the rest of the day.

On my computer, I have the background set to switch though the pictures in the My Pictures folder, so I slowly review all the pictures I’ve taken. Today, this seal popped up, which is a fairly good close up of a seal I met on the Big River in Mendocino.

To get a good wildlife photo, the most important thing, is to get close, to get the fine detail. Getting close is more important then what type of camera you have.

These white seals with the big mouths are my favorite type ones. They seem the friendliest of all the seals. This one didn’t seem to be bothered by my presence so I was able to get some fine detail. Now if they only smelled as nice as they look. :O)



A mug shot.sealface

That’s it for another fine day.

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