A Walk and a Dirt Bike Ride, Mushrooms and Chickens

Sunday November 22, 2020 Guerneville CA.

This morning

It was cool out this morning when I got it going around noon. Overcast with no sun out so I put an extra heavy shirt on.

Fertilizing the blueberry patch

Once I fed the chickens and let them out I wanted to get a bit more fertilizer on my blueberry patch so I needed to load up the applicator.

The chickens wanted to get out into the front yard through that gate but it was too early in the day for that.chickens


Chapin fertilizer

The fertilizer applicator was in the chicken pen which I got and hooked up. This is a higher quality applicator then the other hose end ones I’ve used. It’s a Chapin. It’s rated at 80 pounds of pressure and was about 40 bucks. It’s now got a short piece of hose on it that goes to the faucet and the bucket is to catch any drips, but it didn’t’ drip this time. The faucet is not needed but it was already on the short piece of hose I used.ckhipin


The blueberry patch getting some fertilizer using the sprinkler.sprinkler


Mushrooms up

When I walked through my raspberry patch I spotted all these little mushrooms growing. They must of just came up as I didn’t see them the other day.mushrooms


Here’s one of the little guys. There’s a bunch of them.shroom


Going for a walk

I thought  a good way to warm up a bit today was to go for a little walk up in the hills so I jumped on the dirt bike and rode up on this trail.trial


And stopped and  I parked and walked up the hill to the rightbike


With the recent rains the ground is nice and soft and easy to walk stepping over these down trees that have rotted.trees


I walked through this area and on down the hill back to the bike.walk


Little dirt bike ride

After that I went on a little dirt bike ride checking out this fire break area for water damage. It was looking good but needs a little dozer work to smooth things out.firebreak


As does this spot.brush


Full water tanks

On the way back down the hill I checked our water tanks and they were full of water which was good.tanks


Grazing chickens

Back home, the chickens were telling me it’s time to let them into the front yard to graze. They’ve been grazing all day in other spots but they like the front yard a lot. I opened the gate and watched them fly into it.gate


Just after dark I went out and closed up the chickens in their roosts for the night.

Answer for a commenter

A commenter wanted to know how I get my chickens in to roost every night as when they used to have chickens their chickens would roost on the barn rafters and not in their roosts.

Well, when my chickens are young they can’t go out and learn to use the roosts in these pens and I don’t have to do anything to get them into the roosts at night. I don’t use feed to get them in as the feed I put out in the day is gone by then, but they do get fed in the pens in the mornings.

I have heard that chickens like to roost in the rafters of burns as they like to roost in high places but my pens are only 6 feet high and they seem to be ok with that.

I don’t have a barn but I do have some high trees they could roost in if they wanted to but so far they don’t as the pens are much safer since I don’t’ have a safe barn.

That was pretty much my day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Your chickens certainly are chomping at the bit to get out! Luckily they are creatures of habit. It makes me want to have chickens again, but they would be hard to haul around in an RV.

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