Adding Springs and Hinges to The Chicken’s Hop Gate

Sunday July 21, 2019 Guerneville CA.

It was a  nice day out so I went out to care for my chickens first thing.

I have been looking at this hop door as it’s a pain to open as it’s on wires and would be nice to have some hinges on it to make it easier to go through.

Here’s the hop gate with no hinges yet. The larger chickens can hop up and go out but the  littler guys can’t. That’s to keep the little guys in to keep the hawks from eating them.hopdoor


I removed the hop gate and cut a couple pieces of rebar and mounted the hinges on them and welded it all up.welding


One of my supervisors checking out the job just as I finished up.newhop


Here’s a closer view of the hinges and the two springs I added to close the gate. I had to use two springs to get enough power to keep the gate closed. There wasn’t really  much room in there to mount springs but I got it done and I think it will work ok.hinges


It wasn’t long before some chickens came by to try it out.chickens


Carmelo the rooster hopped up on the door.hop


And then hopped on into the pen where a bunch of hens were feeding at the feeder.feeder


I also went over to  my brothers and got some of  his vegetables to make a vegetable stew tonight. I found some cabbage and some zucchini. I usually look for his rejects as that’s all I need as he sells at the farmers market. I also found enough pole beans in my garden to add to the pot. I make a huge pot of vegetables that last me about a week.

Other than that it was a puttering around day and that’s what I did.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Adding Springs and Hinges to The Chicken’s Hop Gate

  1. mike sundberg says:

    Bob It was great seeing you at Elaines Party!!!! Have a great trip with Ray!! Take Care Mike and Sue Sundberg

  2. George Yates says:

    opps a typo..
    Nice job with the hinges and springs, I am sure is much easier to use now.

  3. George Yates says:

    Nice job with the hunger and springsI am sure is much easier to use now.

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