An Osprey, Some biologists, a Walk and Some Strawberries

Thursday July 24, 2014 Jenner CA.

Kayaked down to the river’s mouth

As I approached Jenner this morning around eleven, I saw Ray across the river in his boat, so I put my boat in the water and joined him. We headed on down the north side of the island and stopped near the end. As we were sitting there, this osprey flew in and landed on this old tree limb, right behind us.osprey


Guys looking for bedrock

After I got  some pictures of the osprey, we headed on over to the river’s mouth area, where we could see the guys at work, mapping the bedrock under the sand on the jetty beach.bedrockguys


Just past them, we had this view of the river’s mouth area. Wide open, deep which it’s been all summer,so far. There was a light wind and the sun was out and it was getting warm for Jenner. The incoming water was going slack for high tide.rivermouth


Some of the birds and seals resting on the beach by the river’s mouth.birds


The harbor seals looked like they were doing some heavy napping. These guys were resting on the right side of the river’s mouth. They are positioned to make a fast escape if necessary.seals2


Haystack Rock rest area

Ray and I paddled all the way to the end of the river and sat for awhile under the big rock in this photo, called Haystack rock. There were quite a few harbor seals swimming around us in the water.haystack


Grazing white pelicans

We hung around the mouth area for an hour or so, then headed on back to the west end of Penny Island. Some pelicans were grazing down the side of the river in this area. They looked like they were eating the vegetation just under the shallow water as they moved along.pelican


Penny Island walk

Ray and I sat in the slot for a bit, then decided to go ashore on Penny Island for a little walk. We put our boats ashore on the island here.kayaks


We walked around on one of the many hidden trails and came out to this point in the middle of the island near the west end, looking down towards the river’s mouth area. There are lots of wood pieces laying around that floated in during higher water, such as when the river’s mouth is closed.pennyisland


After our little island walk, we put the boats back in the water and headed up the back channel towards the east end of the island and paddled across the river to the north side near the highway.

This as the view as we paddled across the river looking at the town of Jenner.jenner


We were both tired out and could use a nap as we pulled our boats out of the water for the day and went on home.

Raided Armstrong Valley Farm for some strawberries

I napped a bit when I got home and after I was rested up a bit, I decided to go over to my brothers garden to raid his strawberry patch, just a bit. :O)

My brother runs Armstrong Valley Farms, so he has a nice garden.

Here is a view of his garden, just before I raided the


The strawberries are real big, so I was only able to eat a few of them, and they were real good too. I was going to pick a little bag of them, but I felt so satisfied after eating them, I didn’t need any more of them.strawberry


He has some nice lettuce and these sunflowers were blooming too.sunflowers


His tomatoes are just starting to ripen, so I only stole a small one for my salad tonight and I also stole a Graventein apple from my neighbor too. Stolen apples are the best.

That was my day of retirement, not too bad. :O)

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