Back to Quartzsite Resting Up and Making Plans

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Quartzsite Arizona

Back to town

Around noon I started heading back to Quartzsite from my camp spot in the Kofa. I’d camped closer to the main road than I thought so the ride was short getting out of the Kofa and I was back in Quartzsite shortly. I headed on over to Marty and Patti’s to shoot the bull catching them up on my doings and then Patti turned on the Hotspot so I could use the internet and catch up with things, which I did.

Tired out

I was a bit beat from my adventure so I had a nap. Later in the afternoon I headed on over to my camp spot East of town where I did some more resting up and making plans to do some more stuff while I’m here.

I had  a good sleep and took my time getting it going the next day as I could see I needed some more resting up as I’m just not as young as I used to be. Trying to do all the old stuff I used to do just tires me out more at this age. I still try but my body let’s me know I’m no spring chicken.

My chickens

Speaking of chickens my chicken assistant Dominique says the girls are laying well and doing good and the old rooster Carmelo is keeping the young rooster in line.


Today I went over to the library to post  my blog once I got it going and then went to the store to look for some Tillamook chocolate ice cream which they didn’t have. Oh well, I’ll get some somewhere soon. Then I drove over to where the big tent was and looked around hardware at some of the little tents but didn’t find anything to buy.

Another adventure

I was still beat so I drove on over to Marty and Patti’s place to take it easy for the rest of the day. They’d gone to Yuma for the day. I shot the bull with his neighbor for a bit. He’s leading us on a jeep ride back to the south part of the Kofa and into where I was. I am going with an older guy in his jeep with them so that’ll be another adventure I’m off on tomorrow.

The rest of the day I spent napping and resting up and planning until Patti and Marty came home around 5. I caught things up with them and we shot the bull for a bit then I went out my my van for the night. I’m staying in their yard as we are leaving early tomorrow morning.

Nice peaceful day resting up in Quartzsite.

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