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Thursday August 1, 2013 Jenner CA.

What’s happening at Jenner today?

I decided to go down and see what is happening at Jenner today. I arrived around noon and put my boat in the water. It was windy, but warm.

I headed across the river and up the south shore, puttering along as usual. Two people in kayaks passed me and headed up the river. I heard one of them say, stay along the shoreline, less wind. That was right.

They pulled into shore for a break or lunch. After about an hour they got back in the boats and headed across the river into where the real wind was. As I was watching them, I could see that they weren’t making any headway against the wind heading back. They forgot what they said, stay along the shoreline, less wind. They were out in the middle where the wind is the greatest.

This kingfisher landed near me, so I tried to get a good photo of it. It’s ok only.kingfisher


A flock of geese landed across the river from me.geese


Here’s the two kayakers, just after they re-entered the water after their shore break.yakkers


Here they are after they paddled across the river and decided to give it up and pack their boats to the road.yakkersleave


They have to pack them across of field to the highway and walk back to Jenner to get their rig. They have to cross that field full of cattle.yakcarry


Later I ran into Ken in his kayak and he said he saw them crossing the field and they ran into a bull which stopped them for bit. I guess they got around that bull as I saw them walking up the road a bit later.

After that, I headed down the river towards the mouth area.

This is a shot of Jenner from up river.jenner


The wind was fairly strong down in front of Penny Island, but if you put some muscle into it, you could still paddle into it. I saw Ken in his new kayak approaching, so I talked with him for a bit. He had a new kayak he was practicing his rolls with. Ken is one of the better kayakers in Jenner and has the skills to go out the river’s mouth and paddle in the ocean. Not something I recommend to most people.

After talking with Ken for awhile I headed back to the take out at the visitor’s center.

This is what the water and Jenner looked like as I headed back in.chopy


I did some shopping for groceries on the way home and was worn out, so a nap was in order.

Later I went over to one of my brothers gardens and got into his strawberry patch and picked me some real nice strawberries. I plan to jam most of them. I’m also saving some to make some ice cream, if I can get enough corn free ingredients together for that.

Fresh picked strawberries.


I was so worn out last night, I went to bed real early.

Nice day anyway.

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