Bad News The New Heater Doesn’t Work

Wednesday October 16, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Had some plans for the day……but

I got it going around noon today and went out to feed the chickens and check their water. Things were gong well with them which is always good.

I needed to test out my car after doing the bearings on it so maybe this afternoon I’ll test it out.

Bad news

I was working on removing the failed bulkhead I’ve been working on when I my brother Barry comes by and says the heater isn’t working in our rental unit that I put a thermostat in last week.

So I rounded up my voltage tester and we went over to have a look at it. Sure enough, the fan would come on but no heat. This is a new unit that we just installed so it should work.

Where’s the manual

I asked Barry where the manuals were for the heater but he wasn’t sure where they were so we went over to look things up on the internet. I was pretty sure there was something wrong in the way I hooked up the thermostat as the thermostat had two wires and the heating unit had 4 wires but I couldn’t find the right  manual that explained how to hook it up.

Tested out the car

So as long as my car needed to be tested out I drove it on down to the hardware store to see about getting a 4 wire thermostat.

The car worked just fine, no grinding noises or anything like that.

I looked at the thermostat units at the store but none of them stated  4 wire. And Barry already bought a new one of what they had which I thought was defective so I had removed it and put it somewhere.

I almost bought another unit but I decided to drive back home and check out the new failed unit some more.

One more try

After looking at that and having more success on finding the right manual online I was sure I needed a 4 wire thermostat for the heater so I drove back down to the local hardware store to see if they had any 4 wire units at all. I looked and looked and wasn’t sure about any of them as how many wires just wasn’t stated on the box.

Expert help

Finally I was pretty sure they didn’t have any 4 wire units so I asked to see the store’s guy that  might have knowledge about thermostats. He did.

He said I needed the 4 wire unit but they didn’t carry it. That solved a mystery of why no 4 wire units.

It was late in the day so I wasn’t going shopping for it at the shopping centers so I drove on home. The car performed just fine which is always a good thing after doing any major mechanicing.

Explained things to Barry

Once home I called Barry and let him know what to pick up tomorrow and bring on over so we can get this job done once and for all. It seems getting this new heater to work has really dragged on, quite unexpectantly.

By now the day was  mostly over so I picked up my tools from where I was working on the bulkhead and put them away for the night.

Moving mulch

Then I went over and hauled 4 wheelbarrows of mulch to the potato patch and spread it around over the seed potatoes I scattered around in there a few days ago. That pretty much covered all the potatoes with about two inches of mulch so I’ll have to haul some more in there but I have a little time now that they are all covered.

There was still a little time to do some chair hopping so I did and then shut the chickens stuff up for the night and that was it for me today.

Always seems to be lots to do around here and not always what I had planned to do.

Nice day getting stuff done.

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3 Responses to Bad News The New Heater Doesn’t Work

  1. David says:

    Yo Bob, the place you bought the heating element should be able to set you straight on the right thermostat and sell you one.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Too bad about the heater, hope you are able to find the 4 wire unit.
    Sometimes that is how our days go. Things that shouldn’t take any or much time are the worse. Other things you expect to drag on and you zip through them.
    You got things taken care of though and I’m glad the work on the car was a success!

  3. George Yates says:

    Hope you get that 4 wire thermostat installed and the heater working properly soon.

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