Bald Eagle and the Wild Turkeys Kayaking Jenner

Tuesday March 25, 2014 Jenner CA.

It was raining this morning

As I woke this morning I could hear the rain coming down on my roof. Seemed like a good day to stay in bed awhile longer so I did for another hour or so.

When I did get up, it was still raining so I decided to try and do some research on the comments on blogs. I engaged my comments recently, but haven’t been happy how they are working. After much reading and some trial and error, I found something that should work. I installed it.

About that time I noticed the rain had stopped and it was a lot lighter outside, so I decided to go down to Jenner to kayak for the rest of the day. I grabbed my rain pants and was on my way about two PM.

Driving down there I went though a shower or two, but nothing serious. Of course no one else was on the water when I got there which is always fine with me.

Since the water had dropped because they breeched the river’s mouth yesterday, the boat launch ramp was real slippery and I had to really watch my step to keep from falling down.

I was real careful as I’ve had enough trouble with my back and sprained ankle already and I didn’t need anymore trouble..

I put my boat in the water, carefully, and paddled across to Penny Island and on up the river on the south side, as usual.

As I crossed, the river was real flat, no wind. This is my view as I crossed the river, heading up.river


I passed by this old redwood log with some birds on it.log


And as I passed by Otter’s Log, this pair of mallards was taking it easy there.mallards


The wild turkeys

As I was driving down today, I spied some turkeys in the grassy field and thought I’d go see if I could find them as they should be near Paddy’s rock.

As I approached the Paddy’s rock area, I spied this tom wild turkey. Nice looking bird.tom


And the bald headed eagle

I was also surprised to spot this bald headed eagle sitting nearby.eagle


I eventually saw all the turkeys. One was saying, I know there is an eagle around here someplace?turkeys2


There sure was an eagle around here someplace.eagturk


The eagle didn’t mess with the turkeys and after some time flew off and the turkeys continued on their way too.

I headed back down the river and this is the view I had of the town of Jenner. Nice day for a rainy one.jenner


As I passed Penny Island, three Turkey Vultures landed on the island and before I could get my camera up, one flew off. I think they were only resting up as I didn’t see them go after anything.



The river’s mouth is open

I continued on my way down to the river’s mouth area to see how it was doing? It was doing just fine.

This was my view as I approached the river’s mouth area. The ocean was rough and there were a bunch of cormorants and harbor seals beached on the left side. The river’s mouth is open. It likely won’t stay open too long unless we get more rain. The ocean is rough enough right now to close it again.rivermouth


Ray’s redwood slab

I hung around the mouth area for awhile until I saw John the guy who picks up a lot of trash around Jenner walking along the beach.

He had something to show me. A big redwood slab he had tied off that he found floating down the river yesterday. The same one Ray was eyeing yesterday and decided to let it go.

John is thinking of putting it in his yard. His back ache, not mine. :O)

After I talked with him for a bit, I headed on in for the day. A lot of cormorants were going by flying down the river towards me.

Here’s a few of them.fliers


That was it for the day, a nice one, even with the rain.

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