Barry and I Get Roost Materials From the Forest

Tuesday May 29, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Barry helps me out

I heard a truck outside this morning. When I looked out it was  my brother Barry who’d come by to help me get some forest materials from our family property.

We drove up to a spot I’d checked out yesterday and cut some small redwood trees down so as to thin the ones that were growing there.

Little logs

Here’s Barry loading the redwood logs for the roost I want to construct out of them. Barry did all the chainsaw work while I moved logs around to load.barry1


We cut some more here and I think we have more than I need, but more is better and the price was right.wood2


I need support poles and poles for the birds to roost on. We unloaded them here by the chicken coop.wood3


A good supply of stuff to work with

Here’s what we ended up with a good assortment. Saved a lot of money not having to buy wood for this and I think the chickens will like this wood better as it has a bunch of character.wood4


I had meant to do some welding up of panels, but it was pretty warm in the sun today, so I did other things after a good break.

Tomato watering system

I needed a way to water my tomato plants and some squash plants so I fabricated this hose network. I have to put restrictors in the first hoses or all the water goes out them and not the other ones. I’ll then put this hose on a timer once I get it working the way I want it.water


I did a lot of chair hopping and eating of cherries as they are ripening up and not too  many birds are eating them, yet.

Need to make my own chicken feed

I also did research on what I could feed new chickens if I want to make my own feed without corn stuff. A guy on YouTube who used to figure the feed for three million  chickens for a company showed me what to do to make this and not cost so much. I’ll have to get the stuff to do that soon.

Welding up panels

After the sun went down I did get these two panels welded up.panels6


These two panels are for a special mulch area where I will feed the chickens every thing except their feed which will be in their pen. I still need to make a roof for it and of course put the wire in these two.

That was about it for me today.

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  1. You have tired me out with all your ideas! You and Bill make a good pair, always thinking of new things to do but each in different project types. :)
    Glad you take it easy in the heat, as we have to.

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