Berries, Pelicans and Other Birds Paddling Around Jenner

Wednesday July 2, 2014 Jenner CA.

First, no birds, then things changed

I put in the water today and headed on up the river at a leisurely pace, stopping often of course.

I stopped here at this spot I call the redwood log graveyard for a bit.loggraves


There didn’t seem to be many birds around in this area today for some reason. I continued on up the river to dead deer gulch where I rested a spell before turning back down the river.

My view as I started back down the river.downview


A walk to check out the berries at swamp rock trail

I slowly made my way down to swamp rock trail where I went to shore in this spot to the left, looking on down to the town of Jenner.jenner


I had in mind to take a little walk and look for some berries to eat. Most of the berries were past their prime, but I did find a few to eat.

Some of the little black berries I was eating and yes, I sometimes eat some of the red ones too.blackberries


While walking along the trail I ran into these thimble berries that were ripe, so I ate some of them too.thimbleberries


There were a bunch of little yellow flowers on the trail I was checking out when I ran into this discarded deer horn. It was in good shape and not even chewed up by the rodents yet.deerhorn


I ate some berries, but didn’t get filled up on them. I thought about going to shore on Penny Island and look for some more. On the way, I spied these merganser ducks taking a rest from fishing on the east end of Penny island.mergansers


I forgot about going to Penny Island as I headed down the back channel to the west end of the island.

A flock of these little birds I call buddy birds, as they like to rest and sleep right near my boat, flew by and landed close by. Here is one of these little guys. I think they may be called Least Sandpipers.buddybirds

A commenter says they are Western Pipers, not Least Pipers. I’m good with that, maybe I’ll stick with buddy birds. :O)

White pelicans are back

As I passed the west end of Penny Island I found a bunch of these white pelicans resting on the shore taking it easy.whitepelicans


And as I headed down to the river’s mouth area, a couple brown pelicans flew by me and here is one of them. Such graceful birds for their size.brownpelican


River’s mouth is wide open and deep

Nothing new at the river’s mouth. Some seagulls and harbor seals are resting on the sand down there as usual. The mouth is wide open deep and doesn’t seem to want to close this year.rivermouth


I sat around the mouth area for a bit, then headed on back to the west end of Penny Island where I spied these terns resting on the shoreline.terns


More white pelicans had arrived since I was last here.

They seemed to be resting up.pels


Not much action from these guys.pelican3


I slowly worked my way over to the take out ramp where I loaded up and went on home for something to eat and a nap.

The day started out with almost no bird sightings, then changed completely with lots of birds everywhere. Each day is different down in the estuary.

Nice day paddling around Jenner with just a light breeze and sunny too.

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2 Responses to Berries, Pelicans and Other Birds Paddling Around Jenner

  1. Rand says:

    Great shot of the buddy bird. (As well as the others) Thought I’d test my identification app Birdsnap on it. Sandpipers are difficult to identify and the app would change its mind between the three look-alikes.
    The buddy bird is a Western Sandpiper. The beak has a slight droop.
    Least Sandpiper has a more reddish back, more distinct markings on the chest, and yellow legs.
    The other look-alike is Semipalmated Sandpiper with darker plumage.
    They winter in South California and are fun to watch at night running after receding waves. Now I’ll be have to say I used to know the difference between them because I will probably forget by winter.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rand,
      Ok, Western piper it is. I think the only name I’ll remember though is buddy bird. :O)

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