Birds, Otters, Big Ocean Waves Pound the Jetty

Friday November 4, 2016 Jenner CA.

Looks like a nice day for a paddle

It looked like a good day as I drove into Jenner this morning. The sun was out and the wind was down as I put my boat in the water and headed across to Penny Island.

The guys with the big cameras

I was paddling across the river here when I noticed two guys had big lenses on tripod mounted camera’s over at the café to my left so I started looking around to see what was of interest to them and spotted it in the big tree ahead.tree


I could see a bald headed eagle sitting up there so I paddled over near the tree.eagle


I then headed on down along the edge of Penny Island to the bottom end of it and stopped for a bit, looking down towards the river’s mouth area.mouth2


I paddled out from the island a bit and spotted these ducks which seemed to be diving for something.ducks


Brown pelicans and seagulls were in the water bathing.birds


More birds resting on the water.bird


I decided not to continue to the river’s mouth and turned around and headed back towards the island’s back channel where I went past these cormorants getting some sun.cors


Old critter eh

I went by this huge skeleton from some ancient creature. It’s about ten feet high and must have been a magnificent critter.stump


Otters approach

I paddled on up the river taking it easy, stopping here and there to watch. I turned around just past Eagle’s landing and started back down the river when four otters approached me and went to shore near by.ots


My camera’s not working too good oh oh

I noticed my camera was having a hard time autofocusing and wasn’t working right, so I needed a place to reset the camera’s factory defaults hoping that would fix the problem, so I pulled into this little channel on the upper end of Penny Island and reset the camera and it seemed to work. This was the first picture I took with the reset camera, before, it was all fuzzy, so I hope that fixes it. I’ve dropped the camera a couple times lately and it’s taken some good shocks, so I hope it’s


Sitting in the river’s mouth

The day was looking real good and I could hear the ocean pounding the beaches so I decided to head down towards the river’s mouth and have a look at the action.

Lots of birds down that way as I approached.boat


I’m headed right to the mouth and I plan to sit in it and watch the waves breaking, just up ahead.mouth


I went by this pelican on the way.pel


Crashing big ocean waves

I pulled into the mouth and sat here right behind the jetty and watched the ocean waves breaking. There were some big waves coming in. It was high tide, so I didn’t have to be concerned about any outgoing current from the river. waves


I watched these big waves breaking over the jetty’s rocks. The waves carry a lot of sand in them as you can see by how brown this one is. It’s depositing it into the mouth and damming it up causing the estuary’s water level to rise a bit.  The noise was pretty loud in this spot.oceanwave


More river otters

Eventually, I headed on in for the day. On the way to the boat ramp I was passed by five otters feeding on small fish. The water is starting to clear up a bit, so things will start eating  more fish as it clears up more.otters


I took my boat out and went on home. I had some things I was going to do, but the sun was over the hill, so I had a nap and then went out and enjoyed the yard for a bit and that was it for the day.

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