Bobcat On Penny Island

Saturday January 4, 2014 Jenner CA.

Some fog in Jenner today too

My back is slowly getting better, but it was one of those back hurt days just the same.

After the cold pack, I left for Jenner and arrived around noon. Fog was trying to cover Jenner, but it was sunny just up river from that. Not too many people kayaking today, which was just fine with me.

So, I put my boat in the water with fog waffling over my head, but could see just up the river by Eagle’s landing it was sunny, at least for now.

This is the view I had as I crossed over to Penny Island, looking up the river, not foggy up there.fog


I slowly worked my way up the river, past otter’s log  to Eagle’s landing and over to Paddy’s rock trying to stay in the sun and out of the cool breeze from the fog blowing in. The fog is down river covering Jenner, but not me now.foggy


A little walk at Eagle’s Landing

I tried to stay in the sun, but the breeze from the fog made it a bit on the cool side, so I paddled back to Eagle’s landing and went ashore for a little walk.

This is where I went ashore for a bit at Eagle’s landing. Note the fog is starting to approach this area from down river.foggiest


I walked up the hill over Poison oak alley and sat down at this spot, looking out to Paddy’s rock.landing


After sitting there for a bit, I walked down Poison oak alley trail just a short distance and took this photo, looking down towards Jenner.  The fog is starting to overtake this area also, slowly.fogier


As long as the fog was starting to overtake the area where I was, I decided I might just as well head on down the river towards the mouth which I did.

I paddled on back to Penny Island and crossed over the little channel on the east end to the north shore of the island and continued on down.

What’s that?

About in the middle of that side of Penny Island an animal caught my eye as it slithered back up from the shoreline and into the grass. Lucky for me, it stopped so I could get a picture for you. Lot’s of times, they just are gone, just like that.


This one seemed to be more interested in something off to it’s right. I looked up that way but couldn’t see anything, but it just kept looking that way and not at me.bobcat


Eventually, I drifted closer to it and it disappeared rather suddenly off to it’s right. Gone, I had to look carefully to be sure it had left, they blend in so well.

The fog cleared

I continued to paddle down to the west end of Penny Island and all of a sudden, the fog was lifting and clearing out which let things warm up a bit.

This is my view just as I paddled past the west end of Penny Island looking down towards the river’s mouth, where I’m headed. Fogs’ almost gone.foggone


From that spot, I looked back towards the town of Jenner and the fog is almost gone.jenner


This sure brightened up the day

Wow, this was pretty nice. I paddled on down to the River’s mouth.

This is my view of the river mouth area as I approached. People, birds and seals on the beaches.mouth


Some harbor seals and seagulls on the beach at the mouth.seals


Looking out the river’s mouth into the Pacific ocean. Seagulls on the sand there.rivermouth


I spied the sea lions just inside the river’s mouth. They were grouped together, taking a nap I think. They moved off as I approached.

After hanging around the mouth area, I started on back to the Jenner launch ramp. It got nicer as I went in. The water was going to calm, flat, so I lingered along the way and took my time getting back in.

This is the last photo I took around four thirty PM, just before I pulled my boat out for the day.sun


An excited lady told her story

As I was taking my boat out, a lady came over on the visitor’s center deck and asked it I saw anything exciting today. I said, not really. I had forgotten about the Bobcat.

That was her cue to tell me what she had seen a little while ago down at the end of the river by the mouth.

She said she saw the sea lions chase a big fish into the shallows in the little cove at the end of the river. Sounded like maybe a thirty type inch steelhead. She said they chased it into the shallows several times spraying much water, but the fish scooted along the shore line and lost them. Lucky fish. She was real excited about it. Watching this kind of action is exciting to see.

This also means big fish are coming into the river at this time, but how many, I sure don’t know.

A foggy, but not so foggy day turned out real nice.

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