Broken Ribs and I Go For a Dirt Bike Ride Up In the Hills

Thursday September 1, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Ride in the forest

I was planning to go down to the river and kayak today.,,,,,,,,,,,,But.

I heard a motor bike out front around noon so the plans changed.

Barry, with his two heeling cracked ribs was out in the front yard getting ready to go for a ride. He said he was tired of sitting around heeling and was going for a ride up in the hills so I got my bike out.

We are getting ready to go for that ride.bikes1


We rode around for a bit then stopped here for a short break. I’m sure Barry was feeling those ribs but I didn’t hear any ouches and he seemed to be doing ok.bikes2


Some visiting with neighbors

We rode around some more then stopped by my cousin’s place that lives up there and we did some visiting for an hour or so.

From there we rode around some more then headed for home.barry3


Barry loaded his bike and headed for home while I headed for a nap.

After that I did some chair hopping around the yard mostly taking it easy with the chickens.

Fresh caught ocean rock fish

I was taking another nap when I  heard my brother Tom outside. He’d been fishing in the ocean and a had some nice pieces of rock fish for me. Yummy.

Chicken pen repairs

About an hour before dark I finally got around to cutting some more wire to do some more repairs on the chicken’s pen.wire4


I installed the lower wire as the old chicken wire was worn and starting to come off.fence


And I added wire to this gate for the same reason.gate


Hog nose clips

I used what they call hog nose clips to fasten the new wire which makes the job pretty easy.clips


Baiting rats

And the last thing I did was put some more chicken feed in the rat’s bait can with no bad stuff. I want to get all the rats back eating good stuff so they’ll let their guard down for the bad stuff. I’ve switched bait cans for that purpose just in case some of them have gotten suspicious of the other can I was using. Rodents tend to shy away from stuff they are not sure about.bait


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Broken Ribs and I Go For a Dirt Bike Ride Up In the Hills

  1. Judith says:

    There’s so much stuff I don’t know about that could have made my life easier – such as hog nose clips. But when I googled, there was some indication I needed special pliers. I am not going to be doing anything requiring any of that any more, but it still interests me anyway.

    • Bob says:

      yes, it takes a little special plier to hold the clips. They are usually in the rack where they sell these in hardware stores for about ten bucks. You could close them with regular pliers, but they are hard to hold and slip out without the pliers made for them. I believe originally, they put a big one in hogs to keep them from digging things up in their pens. Ouch. :O)

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