Brown Pelicans, White Pelicans All Over the Place Paddling Jenner

Thursday August 13, 2020 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

I always check the wind at the river and the tide before going out. If the wind is down it’s a good day to go so off I went.

I arrived just after noon and put my boat in the water at the Jenner boat ramp.

Upstream to avoid the people

There were quite a few boats in the water especially down by the mouth so I opted to go up stream to avoid them and let them go home before I went down to  the mouth area.

Paddled up the river going past Penny Island on the right.river1


Lots of pelicans

It seemed there were brown and also white pelicans all over this part of the river today. Those are white pelicans in the background.pel2


I stopped here for awhile to just watch.river3


White pelicans

The white pelicans were across the river from me just resting on the shore.pelicans4


Favorite spot

I continued on up the river a quarter mile or so until I got to this spot where I hung out for about an hour or so watching pelicans and some harbor seals.river5


Bait fish

The brown pelicans and a few harbor seals were eating what the fishermen call bait fish, small fish 4 to 6 inches long. There’s big schools of them in the estuary right now which came in from the ocean.divingpels6


Eventually I started back down the river going by the white pelicans.pelicans7


Nap time

I was thinking a little nap would be good so I pulled into this spot just above Penny Island, a place I call Swamp Rock.boat8


From that spot I could see all these pelicans doing stuff out in front of me. Fishing a little and just hanging out.pels9


Down the back channel

Eventually I got back in my boat and headed down the island’s back channel. At the bottom end of the island there were a bunch more pelicans.pels10


Stick in a bill

I noticed this one with a  stick in it’s bill and it was moving it all around. Playing or practicing moving a small fish around in it’s big bill.stick11


River’s mouth area

I paddled over to the river’s open mouth up ahead were there were even more pelicans on shore and on the water.mouth11


Mouths open

I paddled over into the mouth and sat and watched. It was high tide so lots of water was coming into the river from the ocean so I had to work a bit to stay in this spot. This is the right side of the open mouth looking out into the ocean with lots of brown pelicans resting on the shore and in the water and in the air.mouth12


Headed back

After a bit at the mouth I turned and headed back towards the boat ramp at Jenner. Headed for the island here as I see lots of pelicans there.island13


I passed by these brown pelicans resting on the end of the island.pels14


And these guys as I  headed over to the boat ramp.ramp15


Pelican sort of day

I’d have to say that was a pelican day, for sure eh.

I loaded my boat and went on home for the day for a nap of course.

Nice way to finish the day

After that nice paddle I didn’t have much energy so mostly sat around eating grapes and raspberries and some mulberries too until dark.

The evening was so nice I stayed out chair hopping until just after dark.

Nice day.

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