Picking Prunes and Plums for Drying and the Power Goes Off

Friday August 14, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Puttering around

I thought I better go check the water tanks to see how our water level was doing so I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up where they are.

The pink ribbon on the side of the tank says they are just below half full which means we need to conserve water a bit.tanks


As long as I was on the dirt bike I went for a ride in the hills and stopped here to check on a spring. Then I headed for home.bike


Drying fruit

I wanted to pick some of these plums to put on the dryer and I  had some prunes to pick too.plumtree


I picked about five of these full of plums and still have more to pick, maybe tomorrow.plums


And I only got two of these full of prunes to dry.prunes


The dryer

I put them all in the old truck bed to start the drying process.dryer


Powers out

Just about dark the power went off and my brother who lives next door wanted to watch a ball game so we worked on getting the generator going that we share. The power company said it’s a rolling black out and we’d be out for about an hour.

We got it going and it stopped shortly after that. Checked and it needed gas so we gassed it up with what little gas we had on hand.gen


It was warm out today so I did a lot of chair hopping and just puttering around the yard staying in the shade as much as possible.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Picking Prunes and Plums for Drying and the Power Goes Off

  1. bob says:

    There’s a weight on the ribbon and the line goes to a pulley on top of the tank and the line goes down a hole to a board that floats on the top of the water. If the ribbon is on the ground, the board is at the top and the tanks are full of water. When the water is at the bottom the board is at the bottom and the ribbon is at the top of the tank meaning the tanks are mostly empty.

  2. sgsmith says:

    I am just curious how the pink ribbon works?

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