Burro Creek Road Camp, Arizona

Wednesday February 19, 2014 Burro Creek Rd. Camp, AZ.

Looks like lots of burros here

This morning when I got going, I decided to continue down the road I was camped on, Route 66 east, heading towards Essex, CA. and on east to I-40 to Kingman, AZ.

This view is typical of Route  66 in this area. Very few cars use this road now, with the freeway close by. I was able to putz along at or below 55 and just take my time, with the occasional vehicle passing me.66


Amboy Volcanic Area

Somewhere around Amboy, a little town I whet through, I saw this side road to some volcanic stuff, so went in to see what it was all about.

The entrance road into the volcanic area.amboyroad


There’s a bunch of volcanic stuff over by the big mound. This is the parking lot, with some day use picnic stuff. The place looked fairly new.amboy


This is a picture of an info sign that explains things a bit. Click on it to see it bigger.amboyintro


I got out and just took a quick look around as I wanted to continue east and didn’t have enough time for this at the moment. Looked like an interesting place to walk around and not too hard of a hike either.

I continued on down Route 66 and stopped at this once popular place along the road to take a a bit of a break. It was typical of a lot of old places on the old Route 66 that went out of business because no one needed to drive the old Route 66 anymore because of modern type freeways. Just the way things go.stopped


I got back on the freeway and headed to Needles and turned onto I-40 east to Kingman, AZ. I found a Mac D’s in Kingman and posted yesterdays post and filled my gas tank up with gas as I was headed for the boonies.

Just a ways past Kingman, I turned south onto 93, stopping here and there to check this and that out.

Eventually, I came to another road called 93, or also called the Burro Creek Road, which worked it’s way up to Bagdad, AZ.

This was my kind of road. Gravel and it started to climb up into the hills right away. Only a little wash board as the road seems to be fairly well kept up.

You can see my van going up the Burro Creek Road, not too far from where I’m camped now.



Finally, Camp

I pulled into this camp site just off the Burro Creek Road around 5PM. There’s burro tracks everywhere here. I think it’s a main route they take of some kind.burrocamp


I set my chair outside and filled it up right away just sitting out there relaxing and enjoying the evening.

A Hippasarous?

I noticed this skull looking thing sitting over off to the side. It was just starting to get dark. hippi


Let’s see, I can see eye sockets, nose and maybe places for ears or horns.hippi2


I studied it for a bit and think I have it figured out. It’s a big eyed, toothless hippasarous. Yes, that’s it.

Ok, really, this is a place of lots of burros and the thing looks to me like the ass end of a burro. That’s the tail bone you see in the photo below, at the top. You pick a name for it? :O)



Just after it got dark, one of those burros let loose with a bray right outside my van. I went out with a light to try and see it, but it kept behind the bushes. I could hear it moving away. I just heard another one, I hope they don’t keep me up all night as they pass by here.

Tomorrow’s plans

Tomorrow, I plan to check out Burro Creek, which I see is just about five miles up the road. Tanks in this part of the country are places that hold water and this is a rather large looking one. The place I’m interested in is called Yellow Bluff Tank. Looks like there might be some water there? Maybe, you never know around here without looking. If there is something there, like for kayaking or just of interest, I may camp there and eventually continue on up to Bagdad, AZ. where I hope to post this at the Library, Maybe?

I tried to slow down my travels today, compared with what I did yesterday and I was somewhat successful, but still did a lot of driving today.

I hope to slow down even more and try to smell the cactus more.

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