Butcher Day Or Taming Down the Flock

Thursday February 4, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Butcher day

Last night I put these roosters in this little pen so I’d have them to butcher for today. I’ll not be showing any chickens getting butchered as there’d be no purpose in that. It’s just something I have to do and part of why I have chickens.roosters


They had a good like up until now

So I got it going and got the butcher area set up and used this cage to set the roosters up for the task.caged


Butcher area

This is my butcher area. It has all the stuff to do chickens. That feather plucker is what makes the job much easier and a lot quicker.butcher


I do three at a time. The  hardest part I  have to do is pull their innards out and clean them up. I’m not very fast at it and it took me all day to do 9 birds starting around noon.

Barry come by

My brother Barry came by to go up in the hills to cut some downed trees that fell across the roads so we shoot the bull for awhile, but I had to stay home to do my work.



Once I was done with the chicken butchering I take all the feathers and stuff and bury them in my blueberry patch and I’m done with that, except.


I did put a bird in the pressure cooker which gives me meat and broth for dinner tonight.

So now I have 8 more in the freezer that should last me for awhile. I still have a few more young roosters that need to grow a bit more before it’s their turn.

Noise is down

Just getting rid of these nine will let the flock settle down as these guys are just getting their hormones and have been tearing up most everything chasing the hens around. Already the  noise is down around here as everyone around here has noticed.

I had a little time before dark so I did some chair hopping and enjoyed the evening and the nice sunny

day and now I’m going to enjoy dinner.

Nice day for me but not for some of the chickens. :O)

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  1. Patsy says:

    As you say, you gotta eat and that is why you raise chickens.
    Sounds like s full day.

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