Camped Out in the Boonville Mountains

Sunday April 19, 2015 Boonville CA.

I had the van all packed and my kayak on top last night, so this morning all I had to do was add the last minute stuff. I gassed up in Guerneville and did some last  minute shopping and I was on my way to Boonville, about a two hour drive.

Traffic was light going my way with most people going the other way back to the city.

I found Marty sitting on his bench out in the yard enjoying the day, so I joined him and we both enjoyed the day. When the sun got too hot, we moved into the shade.

Bench testing

After we were well rested Marty suggested we spend some time digging out a big redwood root in the roadway that goes up the hill from his cabin. But first we had to hike up the trail to get the tools that he’d left up there. We drove up to the trailhead in his jeep and walked up to were he was working. We found a new bench up there that Marty had constructed a short time ago which needed some testing out. I’m happy to report that it was a fine bench.

The big root

We took the tool and drove back down the road where the big root was and commenced digging. The root is a little more than a foot in diameter and buried in clay soil so the digging wasn’t easy. I’d dig, then give him the tool, then he’d dig and give me the tool. We did that until we were too tired out to use the digging tool. It’s going to take another digging session before we can use a chain saw to cut it out. We got a good start on it.root


We headed back to his cabin for a good break before I started cooking dinner.


I stir fried a beef broccoli vegetable dish that was very tasty.stirfry


After eating we sat there stuffed and shot the bull for an hour or so, then I headed back to my van for the rest of the evening.


I’m planning to head on over to the coast to kayak the Albion River tomorrow. I think they have internet access, so if I can get on the internet, I’ll post this when I get a chance.

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