Camped Up in the Hills Near Ely

Friday March 7, 2014 Near Ely Nevada

Posted from Elko Nevada

I think it’s going to be a cold night

This morning the wind was rocking the van when I woke up. I got it together and checked out the van.

I decided to continue the loop road I was on as it came back to the highway in about two miles, so I followed it.

The whole two miles went down a wash with some soft spots in it and even a little water here and there. I was glad to get back on the pavement and headed North.

Two miles of this wash on the way out this morning.wash


I mostly traveled highway 93 to highway 318 to Six, just below Ely all day long, with rest stops as needed.

I passed by some areas of interest, such as bird refuges with water to kayak that I’ll keep in mind for other trips, if I can remember? :O) Today the wind was up and these places were very windy.

It looked like I was headed into the snow country. Where the mountains are with the snow is where I’ll be camped tonight, only on the left side of the highway. Ely is up there someplace just past those snowy mountains.snow

After I hit highway six, I turned left onto this road that went up to White Pines Forest, which was in the National Forest. The road looked like one that you wouldn’t want to be on after it had rained, like in snot, but was mostly ok now.camproad


Somehow, I missed the camp area and ended up coming around a loop and almost back to the highway, so I had to make-do a camp.

My make-do camp for the night.vancamp


My camp just as the sun was going down. The mountains with the sun on them are full of snow. I think it may be a bit cold here tonight. I hope it’s not the 19 degrees F. the weather is predicting for the night at


The sun finally set so I took this one last picture and came in and lit the propane heater.sundown


Tomorrow’s Plans

Ely isn’t too far from here so I will go there to fuel up and post this blog. From there I plan to go west on  50 for a short distance then head north towards the Ruby Mountain area water areas where I  hope to kayak for a couple days?

After this post, the next posts will likely be from Elko, NE. when I get there.

No luck kayaking at the Ruby lakes. Closed to boating until June 15. Bummer.

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