Ruby Refuge Was a Bust for Kayaking

Saturday March 8, 2014 Camped near Tuscarora, Nevada

Posted at Winnemucca, Nevada

Camped just off highway 226, near Tuscarora

It was a bit cold last night, but I was nice and cozy in the van. I had a peaceful night and no one came down the road I was parked by.

This is the road I followed out to highway six this morning to get to Ely.roadout


The kind of scenery I had as I went out that road. There seemed to be quite a bit of snow around on the mountains.viewout


I got fuel in Ely, but didn’t come across any internet access place so didn’t post yesterdays post there.

I headed west on highway 50, the loneliest highway and it was, until I turned off onto CR3 north to the Ruby Mountain area, which proved to be even less traveled, to my liking.

CR3 north looking like I’m heading right for some more snow? Only the first part of this road was paved, then it turned to well graded gravel and rock.cr3b


CR3 went through quite a few different types of areas.cr3


I was getting tired and needed a break so I looked for a side road to pull onto and I saw one by an old mine so I turned onto it.

Saw something going through the forest to  my left and pulled over.

Elk, over a dozen of them going up the hill.elk


They stopped at the top of the hill and watched for what I would do.elk2


I had a good break there then continued on to the Ruby Lakes area which is also Ruby Wild Life Refuge.

I pulled into the first road that said boat launch to see if I could kayak or if I wanted to?

I walked or hobbled out to this point to have a look around. I’m looking back to where the van is parked and where the boat launch and bathrooms are.launcharea


The Boat launch was rather scenic.ramp


And the marsh looked real nice.rubymarsh


Only one little problem

No boats of any kind are allowed on the water from Jan. 1 to June 15th.  That was a bummer. That meant that I wouldn’t try to camp around here and would move on up towards Elko, so I headed up the road, which was mostly good dirt and smooth.

I passed some horses by a little pond on the way. This is looking out over the Ruby Valley.horses


I stopped here and there checking some of the things out around Ruby Lakes. A couple guys at one of the places told me the short cut through the mountains to Elko was closed so I’d have to go the long way, another hour.

I made it to Elko and found a McDonalds to post my blog and fueled my van so I’d have a full tank and headed north up highway 225 towards Mountain City, but turned off onto 226 and found a camp spot just south of Tuscarora for the night.

I had been driving most of the day, so was wanting a camp spot pretty bad when I found one just off the highway on a Forest Road.

This is my campsite for the night. Lots of snow in the area on the


It does seem warmer here then where I was last night, at least so far. I was watching the sun go down to see how much red sky there would be as red sky at night indicates there aren’t a lot of clouds to the west of me. But, apparently there are a bunch of clouds to the west as there was very little red sky tonight.sundown


The weather is supposed to be good tomorrow, Sunday, but an eighty percent chance of rain on Monday.

I can see from the wet roads around here they’ve had some rain not too long ago and a lot of snow too. This means I will not likely go over to the Jarbidge area as there is likely too much snow and muddy roads.

So, what I’m thinking of doing is working my way up to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, checking things out as I go and spend tomorrow at one of their lakes where I may get a chance to put my kayak in the water, if the weather is good enough? They have two lakes that one can boondock at for six dollars a night. They also have free dump sites and free non potable water at each lake for you RVer’s.

It’s not the best time to be trekking around in this area, because of weather, but I need to kill a day or so before heading on home, so as not to hit all the weekend drivers.

It’s been a long day driving and exploring. I’ve mostly stayed off my sprained ankle and it is slowly on the mend. A lot of the swelling has gone down, but it still hurts a bit, so I’ll just have to take it easy on it.

I’ll try and post this at the Duck Valley Indian Reservation at their computer lab by the high school?

Update: Change of plans because of weather, headed home.

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