Car Paper Work Problems and a New Welder

Friday May 5, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Car legal papers

I headed to the city today to get my newer car paper work done at AAA. I thought  I had all the bases covered but it’s been along time since I’ve done this sort of thing.

It didn’t go well. The seller did some correcting of the miles on the car in the odometer section that was  a no no. She just did a fixing of a couple bad written digits which is not allowed likely because people try to tamper with these numbers. They gave me a form to give to her to sign to fix that.

No smog certificate

But there was  more. She didn’t give me a smog paper and I didn’t even think about that as I’m out of a smog zone. It has to be done when a car is sold.

I called her and of course she didn’t know about the odometer digit thing and she said she just had the smog done and didn’t think she needed another one. Of course that isn’t the case. It has to be done when the car is sold.

So we  have to take care of those things.

The AAA lady did all the other things that were needed and then said I had to pay a sales tax of 1800 bucks which I wasn’t aware of. I coughed it up. :O)

So, at least I got it all started and just have to take care of the other two things.

New welder

As long as I was over in the shopping areas I drove over to buy this new welder. The welder I have is a real old style and this one will bring me into modern times.welder


Wild blackberry vines

When I got home and after I unpacked my new welder I did some chair hopping and then dug out some of these wild blackberry vines. With all the rains we had this winter, they are really taking off and if I don’t keep them cut back they’d take over the whole yard, growing into huge bushes that you can’t walk through. It’s a constant battle as they never give up.berryvines


Rain showers

I was working my way around the yard cutting vines when it starter to rain, so I  had to stop on that which was good as my back was saying to stop anyhow.

It showered the rest of the day so I spent it in the house reading the manual on my new welder and taking it easy.

Nice day.

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One Response to Car Paper Work Problems and a New Welder

  1. Nancy K says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate Calif DMV. And paying that sales tax is ridiculous … it already had sales tax paid on it when new!!! They just try and suck us dry!!!

    Nice Welder!!!

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