Caring For the Peeps and Welding up Chicken Run Panels

Saturday June 16, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Peeps doing well

Here’s the little peeps when I went out to see them this morning. I’d added a small portable heater last night which seemed to work much better than this light blub as it spread the heat out more all over the floor so the chicks were more active.chicks


I gave them some feed and changed their water.


They seemed to be more skittish today and would go over in the corner until I peeped a bit and that seemed to calm them down.peeps


Portable heater

Here’s the heater I added that seems to work better than a light blub and it’s much safer from fire too. Peeps like about 90 degrees F. when they are first born.heater


Welding panels

I spent most of the day welding up panels. This was the last one I welded up today. It will be used to grow stuff to keep the chickens from eating the roots of things I grow for them. I’ll call it the a grow panel. They’ll be able to walk on the chicken wire to eat the tops of the plants but not be able to get to the lower part to kill the plant. This is laid on the ground about three or four inches off it. I saw smaller ones used on YouTube.panel


Here’s most of the panels I welded together today. They still need wire attached. Most of them are ceiling panels or roof panels.panels


Heating up the chicks

I checked on the chicks several times. The day was cool so I turned the heater on early today. You can see they don’t have to huddle under the light with the heater going. With the heater on they are more active and eat and drink more.peepers


One of the grow panels will go in here where I plan to grow food for the chickens. As you can see the sprinkler is growing a nice crop of oat grass. I think the chicks will get lost in


The garden is coming along and the plants are starting to grow faster.gardem


I tried to work at a slower pace today, just puttering and still got quite a bit done.

That was my day for a nice one.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Oh! The baby chicks are adorable!! I love how you have black and blonde ones. You are a good ‘daddy’. Happy Father’s Day, look after those babies. :)

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