Chair Hopping and Fixing My Broken Drone Arm

Friday April 29, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Doing not much

I spent most of the day chair hopping with the chickens as I just didn’t have enough energy to want to do much. That’s ok as I’m retired. I admit doing not much is hard for me.

The chickens pretty much followed me around from chair to chair.chickens



It was a nice day with blue sky and a few clouds and a bit of wind


Drone repair

I did get around to working on repairing my broken drone arm.

I’d started the repair a couple days ago. I needed to hold the part in the right position while I epoxied it so I used some green clay for that purpose. Once it wouldn’t move I put just a little bit of 15 minute epoxy on it so it wouldn’t move, once I removed the green clay, once the epoxy was set.clay


This shows the little bit of white epoxy and the green clay. The epoxy is all set up so now can get to the next step.epozy


Making the repair

I removed the green clay and mixed up some of my better epoxy which cures in 24 hours. I used the tooth tool to apply the epoxy and the cotton swabs to help remove the green clay which would have removed easier if it was cold then it all would have just pealed off. But since it was warm some of the green clay stuck so it had to be removed with the cotton swabs.epozy2


Wet finger

I applied the epoxy and then put my finger in my mouth to wet it and smoothed out the epoxy and will now let it set. The wet finger keeps the epoxy from sticking to the finger while smoothing the epoxy out.arm


The rest of the day I spent chair hopping with some napping in too.

While I was sitting in a chair this caught my eye.

I think it is some kind of a skink, maybe a blue tailed one.skink


Anyway I took it easy today mostly sitting around enjoying it.

Nice day.

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