Checking New Peeps and I Visit Joe for Some Vegetable Plants

Tuesday June 16, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Checking for new peeps

I went out to  check on the new chicks this morning to see how they were doing. They were still in the box. There was another box that was hatching out too but none of them came out for a picture. A little later this one came out of the box with most of her new chicks. The newest smallest ones she left in the box as they needed to get some more strength after crawling out of the eggs.peeps


Here she is out of the box with most of her new chicks. That’s Lucile because of the red.peepers


Vegetable plants

My friend Joe said he  had a bunch of potted vegetable plants I could have so I went on over to  his place for a visit and to pick up some plants.

After shooting the bull for a while we went out and selected some plants.

He put the plants in his wagon to take out to my car.plants


Pink flowers

I was taking this picture of these pink flowers when Joe’s friend Tomas showed up for some plants. pinks


Joe says the flowers look even better from the other side so I went over to the other side to have a look. Yup.hyudrainias


Garden tour

After that Joe showed Tomas and I around his


Some more nice looking


We walked through here headed to his back area where his chickens are.gate


Back here in the chicken pen area. We checked out his chicken for a bit.trail


And then headed back through here looking out  his back yard.windmill


Plants for Tomas

Here’s Joe and Tomas selecting some vegetable plants for Tomas.tomas


Tomas was an interesting character to chat with. He left with his plants and Joe and I sat around for a bit finishing up our bull session.

My bounty

I headed on home with my bounty of vegetable plants.

Once home I took the plants out of my car and gave them all a good watering. I’ll need to get them into the ground in the next couple of days, but not today.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    More cute peeps to nuture.
    How nice for Joe to share his veggie bounty. I can’t wait to see what you chose. :)

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