Chicken Pen Work and Cutting Up a Tree and a Brush Pile

Sunday June 3, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Tiring out

I think I’m getting tired of working on this as I had a hard time getting into it today. It might have had something to do with the warm day too.

I finally dug up this anti critter digging wire and buried it just to get started.fence2


Last side panel

Then I attached the wire to this last side panel.panel1


I installed it and time for a break.panelup4


Down with this tree

I was eyeing this plum tree that was almost falling over from a larger tree falling on it a few years ago. It’s plums aren’t very good either so I wanted to cut it down and up into fire wood.tree3


But I remember the chainsaw was dull from when I used it to cut a stump in the ground out which really can dull a saw.

Suns going down

It took awhile and I waited until the sun went down and I sharpened up the chainsaw and attacked the tree.

This is all that’s left of that tree. I have plans for this area.treecut5


Making this pile smaller

I’m finding that this brush pile has been getting in my way so I might have to move some of it. I used the chainsaw to try to cut it up into smaller pieces at least on the sides so I can move some of it without too much trouble.whacked6


I also did some planning on where I want some new water faucets I need to install. Once I figure that all out I’ll need to make a trip to get parts.

That’s what I did today.

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2 Responses to Chicken Pen Work and Cutting Up a Tree and a Brush Pile

  1. Mister ed says:

    I finally figured out the age old question,,,,, which comes first the egg,, or the chicken,,
    Because if all you had were eggs you would. Have built an egg coop.
    but no,,, you’re building a chicken coop….
    see chicken comes first…… And if Mrs. chicken doesn’t lay eggs,, she becomes miss fried chicken. or. chicken noodle soup?

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    For not feeling like doing much, I’d say you sure accomplished enough!
    Can you burn firewood now or are there restrictions? We have a huge brush pile but not easily accessed and not a good spot to burn. It will have to compost itself.

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