Cutting, Welding Panels, Sparks, Attaching Wire and Putting It Up

Wednesday May 9, 2018 Guerneville CA.

The only way to get it done is to work on it

I’m continuing to work on the chicken run enclosure as I’d like to get it done.

I started out welding up a 20 foot panel. I cranked up the arc welder and started to weld. panel



After a couple seconds the welder stopped and I heard some welding type sparks off to the side.

It turned out I’d been stepping on a splice earlier that I put in the cord to the welder to make the cord longer and I’d caused a bad connection that burned up a connector.wires


I found another red connector and repaired the burned wire and put it all back together and started welding again this time with no problem.

Still don’t like attaching the wire

After welding up the 20 foot panel and this 14 foot panel I cut the wire for the panels and attached the wire to the panels.wire


All for a few chickens

Then I pulled the panels over to where the chicken run is located and wired the panels together. It still needs the roof panels made and installed and some more stuff too. Lots of work for a few chickens. :O)pen


I need to finish this chicken pen and then build some roosts and nesting boxes. The shed still needs water and power too besides more paint.

I finished up that about an hour before dark and spent the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard.

That was my day.

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